Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wild Fire

I'm online today just looking for information about all the fires in California. I've found plenty, but none so far that really answer my question: are blazes threatening our little piece of land in French Gulch? I think the answer must be "yes," and by this time my husband is there doing something about it. Out of cellphone range.

Here is an article from the Redding newspaper that shows how wild and rampant and unprecedented the fire situation in California is right now. 1,000 fires burning out of control, 236,000 acres destroyed, weathermen who have never seen so much dry lightning at one time as we had last Saturday.

Besides land and a modest home in Shasta County, we are also worried about loved ones whose homes are in danger. Tristan in Whitethorn, Humboldt County; Amanda in Burney, Shasta County; Jakki in Paradise, Butte County; Ember and dozens of dear kids in Old Shasta and French Gulch, Shasta County; Nonnie near Ruth Lake in Trinity County; Casey in Weaverville, Trinity County.

I'm a visual person and I want to see detailed maps. I've found a couple, but they still leave me with questions. It must be a lot like hell in Shasta County right now, with temperatures hovering at 107 degrees, air too smoky to breathe, charred hillsides, sun blotted out by the smoke. I will have to wait for Fred's report this evening.

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