Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Sorry for the sparseness of recent postings. I've been involved lately in reading dialog in local blogs; the conversation is fascinating. I've been contributing regularly I have thought of giving the link to my blog to Eric of SoHum Parlance and Heraldo of Humboldt Herald. But am I really ready for the negativity that seems to pop up? I can handle it on their blogs, where my identity is relatively closeted. But here, is my skin thick enough? I don't know.

There has been a lot of discussion on the Herald about news, like a meta-news news discussion, debating the merits of local news sources. The difficulty of getting fire info is what got me thinking about it. I finally found a good "interactive" satellite map on the Redding Record Searchlight. But for Jakki over in Butte County, not being online is a real disadvantage.

The internet really has had a profound impact, just as Brian Velasquez told me back in 1999, that I really needed to get the Indie online because that was the future. I believed him of course, although I really had no clue how that would look in the future and what it would mean. Nor did I have time to give it any attention; my hands were quite full just trying to get the paper out every week.

Back then I had a partnership with Estelle, the news director at KMUD. We shared information freely, and in my mind it worked like this: she covered the immediacy while I covered the depth. It was perfect. Now, with forums, newspapers can cover the immediacy too. But do they?

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