Friday, September 19, 2008

Love Affair with Mack Town Part I

I love moving to a new place and having so much exploring to do. McKinleyville lends itself well to my approach. It's an ordinary-looking town, described in travel guides as "a strip mall town." But all it takes is a closer look and there is buried treasure everywhere.

Tonight I went to Art Night, which is a custom in Eureka and Arcata too (called Arts Alive and Arts Arcata, respectively). One night a month, local artists set up shows at local businesses, complete with wine, elegant snacks and live music. The businesses stay open late and the community wanders through to look at the artwork, graze, sip wine and enjoy a good social mingle.

It was so nice! The first place I went was the Grace Good Shepherd Church, where the Presbyterians and Lutherans partnered peacefully 45 years ago. There was a wall of fading sunflowers in back that I stopped to admire on my way in. As I watched the pastor emered from it (on the other side is the church garden), his arms loaded with squash and zucchini to cook up on the grill. The people there were wonderfully friendly and the food nearly upstaged the art.

Then Angela joined me and we proceeded to indulge wholeheartedly in the night's offerings.

We chatted with dozens of cool people (like Penny Dunn of Well Dunn Design).

We ate awesome food (like organic pickled pink chard!)

And we saw incredible artwork (like this glass panel at Mirador Glass-- see the studio behind it?).

More to come, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new digs. Great photo of the pastor emerging from the corn with his bounty.

Anonymous said...

Er, make that sunflowers.

Indie said...

I'm jumping up and down right now because I have a reader!

Anonymous said...

It's the magic of RSS. I'm a subscriber!