Thursday, October 9, 2008

Brass in Pocket

Woo-hoo!!! Having a job is kind of nice.

I am aiming for a new camera, got my eye on a Canon Power Shop SX110-IS. I fairly lust after that optical zoom. Visual rhetoric is just as powerful as written or spoken, don't you think? Perhaps even more so?


pmn34 said...

Keep your money and I will buy the margarita and the camera bag

Indie said...

pmn34, you're just going to have to make a blog yourself so I can comment. What's your story anyway (says the curious reporter)? Are you still trying to fix local organizations or do you have a new mission these days?

pmn34 said...


Local organization has been fixed in spite of what the lunatic fringe may want people to believe. What's my story? You are an investigative reporter, can you not figure it out?

Indie said...

Just because one organization has been fixed doesn't mean others won't need your help. But to rephrase the question: are you still in the same line of work?

And further clarification, I'm retired from investigations. I'm a glorified proofreader now, who takes photos of farmers markets and homecoming parades. And that's not even my day job. What's yours?

pmn34 said...

Well Indie

Indeed I am in the same line of work. I am at my original organization and another in the valley. I have had several since we last discussed this crazy business.

As for my day job I suppose father would be my main focus with gville a close second. I enjoy Humboldt County in my own way.

I can see how proof reading suits your literary sense Indie. I read on So Hum Parlance you were going to educate yourself on the SHCHD issues. Do you need a source for your research?

By the way, I enjoyed reading about West Texas.

Indie said...

If it's going well there now, I am really happy to hear that. If I get a hankering for small-town corruption, I can find some closer to home.

I'm in training to be a writing teacher, edging closer to my master's degree in English.