Saturday, October 18, 2008

A day in the Life

I work on weekends, trooping upstairs to the teeny McKinleyville Press office to sit at my very own desk and edit stories. Saturdays I tighten up stories for writers, and Sundays I proofread the pages after they're laid out. Sundays can be long and arduous because you just have to keep working until it's done. I've been there until midnight before. Nevertheless, it's like a vacation from my weekday life, which has an entirely different flavor.

It's my view that small-town papers like the McKinleyville Press serve a vital function in places like this. The McKinleyville chamber of commerce proclaims this "the fastest growing community on the North Coast." With all that growth, something has to hold the center steady, to keep community pride alive, to keep us thinking we live in Mayberry as long as it's possible to hold onto such delicious fantasies.

So here I am, heading out to do this important work:
Here is my office building:
Here is my charming boss, Jack:
OK, now it's time for me to get to work. Picture us both in fedoras with press passes tucked into the brims, laboring over our typewriters into the wee hours, the very picture of dedication.


Kristabel said...

I know this isn't the most discussion-inducing comment, but...your glasses are really cute!

Indie said...

Thanks! This is the first rest my eyes have had from contact lenses in years.

Big City Poz said...

Just reading about proofreading those stories left me feeling fatigued. I've been retired from my job teaching English now for two years, but I'm still recovering from going through all that writing.

.....but you're right about the value of small-town newspapers. You're doing good work!

Indie said...

Hi, Eureka POZ, actually it's your wonderful blog that inspired me to blog with more pictures, fewer words. I really enjoy yours!

You seem to have the same fresh view of Eureka that I have of Mack Town now.

Since I am no fan of Eureka, I don't want to rain on your parade. If the place is lovely and interesting, it is because you are lovely and interesting.

And SO FAR I don't mind reading all those stories! Last semester at HSU I had to grade a million English essays, and it was exhausting. The good thing about newspaper: you do it all in one intense day and it's over. And no assessment/grades, ugh!