Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things I Wish I had

My sister, who likes weapons of all sorts, sent this to me, who likes pink in all forms. I'll admit, I do get sick of pink once in awhile, but I have learned to appreciate it, especially on things that don't ordinarily come in pink, things that are traditionally guy stuff.

Here's why: Ever since my mom got me a pink tool kit for Christmas last year, no one in my family has borrowed or lost my tools. Miraculously, for the first time in my life, I can always find a screwdriver whenever I want one. It's amazing.

So here are a few pink items I wouldn't mind having, although their resemblance to Barbie accessories on steroids might cause them to seem toy-like to youngsters. Nevertheless, it's the pink-yet-deadly part that I find particularly appealing. In a million years, none of the men in my house would lay a finger on my pink pistol.

Pink Taser Pink Glock

Pink Smith & Wesson

Camouflage is designed to allow the wearer to blend in with its surroundings. So, where is this S&W supposed to blend in exactly? A flower garden? The pajama aisle of Mervyn's? A Mary Kay cosmetics convention? Where are the battlefields of today's woman?

And what does it say about our culture that these are marketable items? Granted it's October, breast cancer awareness month, and all sorts of crazy things are pink right now, proceeds to go to breast cancer cure research. OK, so that explains the pink Cuisinarts and can openers, I suppose.

But what is up with the implements of violence in girly pink tones? Is this the mainstream version of Take Back the Night?

I wonder if there are pink bullets...

Beware, these people may be packing heat:

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