Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vampires Read %@#% Books on Buses to Mutual Friends

What should I be for Halloween? I have all the makings for a sultry vampiress, but that seems so trite. Vampires are everywhere you turn these days. Still, I've never gotten to wear fangs... Halloween is going to be so fun this year! I'm going to a party and all the haunted houses and probably do the Plaza bar crawl with a bunch of friends. Yeah!
I rode the bus today and learned that even avoiding eye contact is not enough to stop the chatty people from assailing you. Reading would be a good excuse, but I get carsick when I read on the bus. Today at the transit center, a lady got on the bus wearing a gas mask. Why? This reminds me of when I was a teen and rode the bus with my friend Kelly. We were taking French 1 at the time, and when weird dudes tried to talk to us, we would only speak French. Je ne parle pas englais, monsieur. J'en suis desolee.
I'm reading Dickens' Our Mutual Friend for my British Lit class now and I love it! We have to blaze through it at the usual grad-school pace, so there is no time to savor every word like I want to. I recommend it. The characters are beautifully drawn, the plot as intriguing and byzantine as any Shakespeare, and the language! Dickens is a genius.

My friend Erin just posted this video on her MySpace that may offend some of you (this is a warning), but as a mom of teen boys and someone who spends a LOT of time with the younger crowd, I find this totally funny and rather cool. Read a book, read a book, read a mutha-fu***n book!!!


Lucy said...

I saw that gas mask lady, but when I saw her she was only holding the gas mask. Was she actually wearing it? Maybe she read my first blog about the girl with strep throat and took some of my suggestions to heart? I'm going to be a vampire for halloween, just because I like the fangs. How fun!

Indie said...

Yes, she was wearing the mask. It was creepy. I wondered if I needed a mask too.

I have this wonderful black dress with long flowy butterfly sleeves, so I need to be something involving the dress. Want to go over to our local discount store and look for fangs? Maybe false eyelashes? I think I have a cape too. I'll have to look in the costume trunk (yes, we have a costume trunk! :))

Are you going to Cam's party? Haunted houses? The bars? We could just go to Cam's party and get really drunk and watch zombie movies and try to play pool. And then stumble back to my house afterward.