Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brain Pain

Ouch, my brain! I scurried to finish the novel for class, to write an argument-driven paper and to design a class exercise around it. That is how I spent my entire day. I never even changed out of my jammies, just got up, made coffee, picked up the book and laptop and started working. It was something about gift theory, reciprocity and benevolence in Our Mutual Friend.

Then, without pausing for breath, I wrote another paper comparing two composition theorists Kenneth Bruffee and Charles Bazerman by using the dramatism theories of Kenneth Burke.

Don't you wish you were in grad school?

My only fuel: a cup of coffee, a corn dog, a cup of chai, lots of water and an extra strength Excedrin. Let it be known that my son left me alone with a 10-pound bag of candy and I didn't eat a single piece!

My only company: a big, lazy purring black cat.

My only reprieve: occasional forays into the blogosphere to read about other people's lives for a change. There are many happy, hopeful, triumphant people who are moved and inspired by this historic presidency. There are disgruntled, disgusted people who wanted a different president. And, in California, there are people who have had their hearts broken, their hopes dashed and their humanity denied by the failure of Prop. 8. It's pretty emotional out there.

Someday, when I feel smarter and more energetic, I'm going to write a post about gift theory and Marcel Mauss. But right now I'm going to go watch X-Files and go to sleep.

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