Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I wish I could get to know some members of my own family the way I get to know perfect strangers whose blogs I read regularly.

For example, I wish my dad would blog about his rascally-rebel-in-the-navy days.

Or my mom's cousin Clay would have blogged about his West Texas cotton farming and farming-activist days.

Or my grandmother would have blogged, cattily and with colorful Southern idioms, dishing on movie stars, politicians and neighbors alike.

Once, my dad asked me to transcribe a journal his father, my Pappaw, had kept during World War I. It was too brief, too succinct, and contained too little of Pappaw's dear personality. I had to read between the lines to detect the Pappaw I knew in the entries about digging trenches, marching miles in the rain and mud, and getting deloused somewhere in the French countryside.

If only Pappaw had had a blog when he got home, to write about the hard life of oil fields and to reminisce about the war to end all wars.

But I have Ernie, the author of Ernie's Place, a blog I read every day. He's not my relative, he's not from the South, and I've never even met him. Yet something about him reminds me of all the things I love and miss about the South and my Southern family.

Today Ernie got "tagged," charged by a fellow blogger to disclose seven lesser-known details about himself. As illustration of why I enjoy Ernie, here are a few choice tidbits from his response, "Tag, I'm What?"

"My life is an open book, so if there are seven things that you don’t know about me, you just haven’t been paying attention."

"I spend a lot of time wondering how a rule might fit me, and whether or not that rule should really apply to me. I find that most rules really shouldn’t apply to me. "

"I believe everything that anybody tells me. As long as they look me in the face and use a little sincerity. I’ve never been able to figure out why somebody might lie."

"I can’t do business with anybody wearing mirrored sun glasses."


Ernie Branscomb said...

#8- Never believe flattery.

I thought Southern Humboldt was “the south“. You mean there’s another one???

Anonymous said...

Hi K,

it's me again, R. from overseas.

I read this blog and the one at you know where...

To this blog I'd have to say that people can make much blahblah about anything and everything and lie you right in the face.
And then there are people like my passed away father, sister, mother-in-law no.2 whom I'll never get to know any closer anymore. Not a single chance to! :(
With my mom I've been trying to get information out of her, about her past. Like you said: if she'd only had a blog. Nowadays she mixes up so many things and I feel bad that at some point me, being a teenager, just shut my ears, not wanting to listen to those old stories anymore. And over the years she added more and more stuff to her stories, because she's watched too many movies *lol* and it's basically more fiction than thruth (well I love StarTrek, but "hello?"). Now our family history will go to waste and there won't be nothing for me to pass on to my daughter anymore, because I just can't remember or recall things I've been told and my aunt tells them stories differently than my mom ever did!
Maybe I should get my hiny up and question her about our ancestory, no?

On the other hand my dear, I wonder if anyone will care, once I drop dead, what I wrote in here and online and which details about myself I ever gave away.
Like my ex-husbands aunt wrote me: she knows me better now through our favorite site, than when I used to live close by in CA!
Furthermore my hubby/boyfriend/partner now doesn't like chatting, having a website, let alone writing or reading a blog. So he, for instance, will never find out what I'm all about. Okay he's unfortunate enough to know me in person for over 25 years already *lol*...
Just my little daugher pays attention to my online activities every once in a while...

Anyway, to your other blog I'd just have to say that I didn't know about Fred's jobloss and that your son is in trouble (again?), nor the pressure that's on you collegewise and jobwise! :-/
Sure you're about to get sick, be glad if it'll "just" be a cold instead of a flare up, hun! I pray for you.
My advice would be to really take it one step a time, otherwise you might go insane *sarcastic*.
No, seriously, don't think too far ahead of time, ok?
I'll send you some guardian angels to watch over you!

Lotsa love from across the ocean,
your friend,

Indie said...

Just to reiterate the whole I'm-blessed-with-wonderful-friends thing...

Anyway, in our blogs we toss our ideas and stories out there in the world hoping someone will catch them and be interested. I regret, too, that I didn't pay more attention to the stories when the "old folks" were telling them.

There is something about the written word that I respond to better, maybe because its relative permanence allows us to tune into and take up others' ideas on our own time at our own pace.