Friday, November 21, 2008


There was this guy in front of me in line at Target this evening. He was casually dressed and nondescript, and like me, he was buying about a hundred bucks worth of household miscellany. I paid him little mind until he went to pay for his purchase.

He pulled out a giant, messy wad of large bills, fished out a hundred, gave it to the clerk, and fumbled the wad back into the pocket of his jacket. Crumpled bills littered the floor as he walked out. A Target clerk had to go running out the door after the guy to return his dropped cash.

Not exactly incognito.


Kristen said...

I just now stumbled upon your blog, and I must tell you that it is truly captivating. I am immediately compelled to "follow" it and witness the verbal explorations that you share.

Most Sincerely,

Kym said...

Last year about this time I wrote a post about the young growers doing laundry and forgetting about all the money in their pants. There is something innately humorous about looking into a dryer tumbling worn jeans and several hundred dollars.

Lucy said...

That's what it's like every time I go to target. You know, I just have so much trouble sorting out all of my cash, its just so troublesome being so rich. Sometimes, I just pay in pot. You know, you can't get any better than a 20 ounce cashmere sweater...But truthfully, what are people thinking?

Anonymous said...

You're serious here K, aren't you? The only thing that comes to mind at this very second is the fight between my best friend online (let me call her M) and her oldest son. It's like the 22nd today right? They have 4 mouths to feed and they're broke for the month already. So this son of hers has 327 bucks on him at the moment and wants to go buy himself a third pair of boots, other stuff and a jacket. His mom now doesn't know how to make it through till the end of the month, so her (2nd) hubby asked the boy to contribute 20 dollars in order for them to go buy groceries... Guess what the response was? Well, if you'll pay me back tomorrow, I might lend it to you guys. (?) His new stepfather got so angry at him and his mom just started crying. Later that day he came downstairs hungry and his mom presented him a plate with dinner. And his new stepdad said that he could be glad his mom gave him that, because he wouldn't have done that for him and... the boy (how old now, 16 or 17?) pushed the plate away and replied he would eat at work from now on (he works at a fast food place). *sigh* And then let's not forget that his mom own exactly 1 (!) bra right now and 0 (!) jacket for the winter. Oh and btw... it just started snowing two days ago... :( *outraged* Talking about low income here... *no words* Love ya K, greetings across the big ocean, R.

Indie said...

R, your story is so sad. It sounds like a kid who is trying to detach himself from the hardships of his family, but he's a kid so he's doing it awkwardly.

Nowadays, our kids are programmed to "take," like rich kids from previous eras. In the olden days, kids in poor families were understood to be part of the family workforce. Things are different now, for better or worse.

But there is something going on here that I wasn't overt about. I live in Humboldt County, the self-proclaimed "marijuana capital." This plant is literally worth it weight in gold. Right now is fall harvest, so growers and their employees are rolling in cash.

Around here the solution to your friend's problem would be to install a grow light in a closet and grow a couple of plants.

The statement I was making with this post is that some people aren't even trying to be subtle, as if there is no danger of getting caught and arrested and having your property seized by the state.

The trouble with being stoned is that while it takes away your stress, it also minimizes your ability to perceive danger and risk.

Indie said...

Kristen, Thank you for the nice things you said about the blog. I'm glad you stumbled upon it. On the right hand side is a big list of local blogs that I "follow." Many times, inspiration for my posts comes from things I read there.

Kym, I saw your post about laundry. It made me laugh out loud! With all that money, and loads of cash seeming so blase, it's no wonder the kids can't seem to resist the temptation to enter the business. Especially with the rest of the economy taking a tumble.

Lucy, you may be onto something. With the value of the dollar plummeting rapidly, maybe we should be stockpiling buds, since its value is appreciating.