Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween was so much fun this year. We went to a little party at a friend's house. He lives in a nice neighborhood that actually gets trick-or-treaters, so I had the best of both sides of Halloween: I got to go out and party AND got to pass candy out to cute little trick-or-treaters! The cutest ones were a Little Red Riding Hood, about 4 years old and her dad accompanying her as the Woodsman and her teeny-tiny little brother, about 2 feet tall as the Big Bad Wolf. :)

Kudos to Kristabel for her fabulous recipe for severed finger snacks! We whipped them up and they were not only gruesomely real-looking but also delicious. A big hit at the party. Thanks, Kristabel.
I was a vampire, but I could only tolerate my teeth for about an hour. They gave me a slight speech impediment that diminished my scariness, and they inhibited my ability to drink Green Goblins, the drink of the evening (Green Apple vodka, Midori and Montain Dew).

My hubby was my poor innocent victim, so his costume consisted of two tiny red dots on his neck, bite marks.
Our friends were adorable in their costumes too. Pippi Longstocking, Hunter S. Thompson, Raggedy and Andy were there, and I wasn't the only vampire. There was also a professional pool shark. Nevertheless, even though it's been 11 years since I played pool, I ruled the table for two games. Led Zeppelin played on the record player, retro music, according to my fellow revelers. I must be retro too.


Kristabel said...


You do a whacked-out baker proud, Indie.

Indie said...

Kristabel, notice how I even have a hairy-handed kitchen minion, too. I considered that part of the recipe instructions. :)

Jack said...

nice fangs

Lucy said...

Those look tasty...and creepy...sorry I missed the party. On a side note, my neighborhood is Halloween central. I swear there were at least 200 kids on the street next to mine. I hid in the house with the lights turned off and read Dickens. Ahh, happy halloween...

Indie said...

Aha! So that's where trick-or-treat central is in this town. At Cam's there were probably only about 35 trick or treaters (in 5 or so bunches) even though his neighborhood is so fancy.

You should have handed out a ton of candy! I love doing that because I love their little costumes, even the surly teens who aren't dressed up. I love the idea that kids can knock on stranger's door and expect a gift. :)

My Sis just sent me an email: "Why Dogs Hate Halloween." You NEED to see the photos!

Now I have to FINISH ALL the Dickens book TODAY. *heavy sigh*