Monday, November 10, 2008

A Little Guidance, Please

I am just a fountain of trivia.

Well, maybe not trivia, but obscure knowledge that I will only know for a little while right after my research, then forget when I need to clear space on my biological hard drive for some new information. So I become temporarily well-informed about things.

This peculiar quality of mine is what made me a good reporter and a good academic researcher. But I fear it may not make me a good teacher, unless I always have my external brain (the internet) with me wherever I go. My memory is excellent on recognition, not so great on recall.

At this moment I am a temporary expert on these two topics: Lyme disease and Veterans Day. I think I could write a fairly interesting blog on either subject (including why there is no apostrophe in Veterans Day; don't you want to know?)
I am going to leave it up to you: Lyme disease or Veterans Day?

Or something else entirely. What about the history and meaning of swearing? I once learned something about that in a discourse analysis (sociolinguistics) class. I, myself, am curious about the etymology of this particular swear word: God-awful.
A God-awful tick, probably carrying Lyme disease, the little bastard.

When I went to bed last night at the God-awful hour of 2 a.m. --after working until the God-awful hour of 1 a.m.-- I checked my blog counter. And now, 11 hours later, checking it again, 41 people have looked at my blog. Or there were 41 clicks on it, at least, and I'm sure my own was one of them, since my little counter is mighty unsophisticated.

And yet, you don't comment. Maybe my blog is boring, and I write about topics of interest to no one except myself? I promise Veterans Day is interesting! Trust me.

Awaiting your instructions,


Ernie Branscomb said...

You are suffering from the dread "New Bloggers Lament". Your counter spins wildly, and you know by the length of their visits that they are reading everything that you have to say, yet they move on without comment. Bastards! (That’s my vote for the swearing topic)

My whole reason for making a post, is to read peoples comments, and gauge their thoughts, and maybe learn something myself. But, people come by, and never say a thing, like the guest that comes to dinner and leaves right after dinner. You invite people over for witty conversation, not just to feed them.

Like you, I “fish” for a topic that people will comment on, but sometimes I make a post about something very interesting to me, and nobody comments. Later you see someone on the street, and they will tell you how much they enjoy what you write, but they won’t leave a comment. Just this weekend I found out that I have a cousin who reads my blog all the time, and never comments. Foul!~

Indie said...

Yes, Ernie, like your post "Polio," which I read because I read you, not because I was drawn to the topic. Yet, I found it so interesting that I read it aloud to my husband, and we discussed it over dinner.

And later at work when I read some little press release from Rotary, I had all new respect for and understanding about Rotary.

So whether people comment back or not (I wish they would because I love dialogue), our thoughts when published this way are like stones cast into water--rippling outward endlessly.

Yikes, how corny. I better go write a haiku ;)

Rose said...

People tend to comment when they DISAGREE with you. When they agree, they feel silly saying "Great Post." So don't be discouraged.

Some bloggers use devices like "Discuss.." at the end, or, "What do you think?" or some variation to give people a reason to weigh in - as here, where you ask a question in need of an answer.

Commenting on other blogs, which you do, also invites people over....

Indie said...

Rose, thank you for educating me about how this works. I am relatively new to the blogging world, just since June. I am still exploring the possibilities of the genre and of the medium.

Anonymous said...

Hi K! Well, after your so unpleasant reminder to go and have a look at your blog... (I'm not that good at reading anymore and reading blogs is always hard work for me... I don't know what others *looking around to her fellow readers of your blog* excuses are *lol*) I'm here. Still... I prefer being on MySpace, so I rather read everything there is to look at there. But I can assure you that your blogs are ALWAYS interesting no matter on which subject, okay? And yes, indeed, I'm interested in the missing " ' " in Veterans Day and I thank you for informing me which holiday it is today. Nobody told me, I just know it's a holiday today in the US... And what in the world is the lyme disease, it looks as yummy as MS does, no, in fact even more of *yuk* than MS. To your god-awful hour I can provide the German translation: we say it's an unchristian hour... *lol* Okay, as I said, I might drop by more often now, thanks to your reminder. And I will keep on reading more than just one post, just to find on what is going on in your life, what's occupying you that much that we (I) hardly ever receive messages from you anymore *hint hint hint* ;-) Hugs girl. R.

Kym said...

If I had a good idea on what to post, I'd do it myself. I'm a miser like that. I'll share everything but cookie dough and ideas for blogs.

Having said that, Why doesn't Veterns Day have an Apostrophe?

Indie said...

Hi R!!! Yeah, the absence of photos, the predominance of text, makes a blog more taxing to read than a MySpace website, particularly if you're reading in a second language.

You're right, the phrase is ungodly hour, not God-awful hour. I was misusing it by mistake.

I'm still curious about the history of God-awful. Is it awful as in awe-inspiring, I wonder?