Saturday, November 15, 2008

Open Minds and Opening Minds

Perhaps it is a little unseemly to blog yet again about blogging. But I just discovered this list of more than 180 local blogs. Not all are active, not all are broadly interesting and some are downright wacky. In other words, they are as individual as people.

So, while blogs only represent the segment of the population that is comfortable with the written word, they are still representative enough to give readers a sampling of viewpoints.

Once, a writing professor of mine told us that literary studies makes people more open-minded and tolerant because it exposes us to many points of view. I believe blogging is doing this in the non-academic world.

This is especially interesting when it comes to politics. While the wider trend is toward polarized partisan politics, closed-mindedness and "standardization," the subversive world of self-publishing is promoting a more tolerant paradigm. Humans are as individual as snowflakes, even bloggers with their bent toward writing, publicizing and technology.

Granted, there are plenty of anonymous commentators and hard-core curmudgeons represented in the comments. But whether they like it or not, even they are being exposed to different points of view, as they read the posts and comments and engage in argument.

I am so excited to have more blogs to read, and I'll bet at least one of my new discoveries will become a daily favorite.

Thank you to "Darsh," the author of Myrtletown, who put the list together.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Thanks for the tip. I just wanted you to know that I read it. I know how you are about people that come by and don't say anything.

Indie said...


Kym said...

I remember how thrilled I was when I found that list. I was amazed at all the variety. I went to every single one and read at least a snippet. That is how my blogroll started.

I suspect with all the new blogs that Darsh could spend a day or two updating.

Ernie Branscomb said...

Hi Indie, me again. I have a friend that wants to email your husband about the Redding minerals. He left his email on my inbox, and I need you to email me at So I can connect the two of you with out putting your addresses on the web.
Thanks Ernie

Indie said...

Thanks Ernie. I emailed you. This will probably result in a lot of conversations over endless cups of coffee.

Indie said...

Kym, about the list, I think you're right. The list is more than a year old. Even though many of the blogs on the list are probably inactive now, so many new blogs are around that I'll bet the list could reach 200 easily.

I wonder if blogging is not something people do in the long term? Maybe they start and then lose interest. Maybe the key is to have a blog that is not very specialized, whose theme if there is one has room to grow, develop and evolve as people do.