Friday, December 19, 2008

Album Narrative

First of all, here is the very beginning of the afghan I am crocheting. This is like a baby picture, so I can watch its progress and say, "My how you've grown!" There are 10 rows done now.
And here is another interesting mushroom we found in our yard. My son watches for them now too, and he has much better eyes for spotting them than I do.
This is Flat Stanley, which my little nephew in Texas made. I am to go to interesting places and do interesting things, photographing Flat Stanley by my side. Then I am to send the photos back to my nephew. He always writes me an email back when I send a photo. This has been really fun! Note how my nephew has made Stanley a girl to please me, by adding a ponytail, eyelashes, a necklace and a skirt.
Finally, here is the maddest cat in the world. I tried to put him in a Santa suit but he was having none of it. He is plotting revenge even as we speak. Soon, perhaps, there will be photos of me in a Santa suit, posted here by my cat.


Lucy said...

What a cool mushroom! Paris looks PISSED!

Indie said...

Yes he is! But he's already forgiven me! As long as there's no red velvet and white fur involved, we're good.

And no one even held the Harry Potter glasses against you, did they?

Kristen said...

Hi Indie :)

**heeheehee** Your post was a delight to read this evening, dear Indie! It reflected giggles and the magic of kinship all at once :)

Have a cozy night :)

In Joy,

Indie said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Kristen.

I had to pull out two rows of my afghan last night after I did them wrong. All that work!

I'm following a pattern but still getting a feel for comprehending crochet directions from a book. I learned how to do this from a person, my Sissy. Anyway, I'm on row 13 now. Having it done by Christmas is not looking good.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful pic of an angry cat *lol*! Thx for sharing. I love it K.

Kym said...

Paris looks like I felt before I saw his pic which made me laugh out loud.

Whoops, sorry Paris I wasn't laughing AT you really. i was laughing with you...

Indie said...

Kym, good this you clarified that. Paris can be a bit of a poor sport...
I'm glad we gave you a chuckle. My friend just sent me this pic which is even funnier.