Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Blessings Win

Both my sons are home, pumpkin pies are in the oven, and life is good.
My family of origin celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, so my boys and I do too. Our Christmas looks like this:
  • a brightly lit Christmas tree
  • a smorgasbord
  • exchanging presents
  • full bellies
  • a phone call to family in Texas to say thank you and find out what they thought of our gifts to them
  • playing with all our new toys
  • watching Christmas movies together
  • going to bed in our new pajamas
  • then waking up in the morning to fat, full stockings.
This year, on the menu is shrimp chowder, a family favorite, plus lots of finger foods to nibble on while opening presents. And of course nowadays, we'll be watching movies like Rescue Dawn and Doomsday. And I have to make way more food.


Kristen said...

This glowing smile on my face is for You, dear Indie. . . . Enjoy this time of family warmth in sharing :)

Kristen said...

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