Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dark Clouds

I was about to make this sweeping generalization:

Californians just don't know how to drive in weather!

But then, to be fair, perhaps I should say:

The McKinleyvillians who are out in great herds right now in the Safeway parking lot and vicinity don't know how to drive in weather.

What a bunch of yahoos! I am very happy to have made it home in one piece.

We had a rough night here at the homestead, and we had to go in for an emergency ophthalmologist appointment today. The good news is my son's eye is ok; the pain is related to strain, nothing worse. You see, after all these surgeries, we get worried that pain indicates damage.

It does look like another retinal surgery may be coming down the pike -- an ectomembrane is forming over the site of the retinal detachment. Lord, what next? I pray we still have health insurance at that time. We go back Dec. 30 to find out more.

If you're feeling really brave (and just for the record, I'm not), you can watch a video of a surgery like the first surgery my son had back in April, a vitrectomy. Then in September, he had a lens implant. Then last month, he had a laser surgery called a YAG. As I've mentioned before, it's been a rough year for my boy, and the surgeries are not the half of it.

So that explains why we were out in this weather when all reason and common sense dictate staying home and battening down the hatches. On the way home from Eureka the sky looked grey, heavy and ominous. Then suddenly at the McK exit, the heavens opened, and it was raining so hard I could barely see anything-- just for a few minutes.

After that it was ordinary rain, so maybe the Safeway parking lot people were traumatized after the brief storm?? Still, come on! What would we do if it snowed in McKinleyville, just crash around like bumper cars piloted by clowns?
Actual local drivers. Car shown much, much smaller than actual size.

Enough ranting. I have movies to watch tonight while crocheting my afghan. I wanted an edgy holiday movie, and Home for the Holidays was out, so I have Mixed Nuts with Steve Martin. I would love some suggestions for edgy Christmas movies to watch; nothing stupid though. And no romances. Romance sucks.


heraldo said...

I've given my best recommendation and will wait until you review it to offer another.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine K, that cars are actually built to drive in them NO MATTER what weather? All you need is a reasonable style of driving and the right tires at the right time and a working windshield wiper! What would McKinleyvillians do coming to Germany, or Europe, where we indeed have four seasons with all kinds of crazy weather (like today: icy rain!)? I sympathize with you, keep up the good work, uhm good driving. And writing this is somebody who never made her drivers license *giggle*... R.

Indie said...

R, really? No license? I didn't know that! Yes I agree, right tires, windshield wipers and knowing how to maneuver in a skid. Too many people here compensate for lack of driving skill by getting giant all-terrain SUVs, making life dangerous for everybody else while they feel safe. Don't get me started in SUVs!!

Heraldo, rhetorically, what are you saying? Are you saying there are Christmas episodes of Six Feet Under that I've forgotten about? Are you making a request for a review? Are you holding out on me, some delicious list of Christmas movies I won't have time to watch unless I do a Six Feet Under review right now? OK, let me think today and figure out how to articulate this...

Lucy said...

I'm so glad Skylar's eye is okay! That must be a relief for both of you. I've been totally road raged out lately, maybe it's due to the crazies on the road. My movie recommendation is Donnie Darko, with me. The all knowing genie sinesali agrees with me.

Indie said...

CHRISTMAS movies! Six Feet Under, Donnie Darko, while edgy and perhaps lacking romance, aren't Christmas movies. I have Deck the Hall here, with Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, for tonight's crochet marathon. Home for the Holidays is still checked out. This bites. But on the bright side Mixed Nuts was funny!

Anonymous said...

Home for the Holidays is one of my favorite movies. My copy ought to be a rag, I've watched it so many times. I even keep it on a special Hands-Off-These-Movies-They're-Mine shelf.

Your Sissy.

Indie said...

Sissy, hello! How interesting that both sisters find that particular movie so entertaining!

I enjoyed Deck the Halls last night, despite stupid moments. Now I know where the idea of "Christmas lights visible from space" comes from. I also watched the XFiles movie and one called Then She Found Me. Mulder and Skully are aging well.

Lucy, I hope you are going to drive very carefully on your way down to Ventura today. Bring my dear Lucy back safely!