Friday, December 5, 2008

Gone Fishing

Here comes finals week, and I have to write a 20-page paper, a reflective essay and a thesis proposal, plus make a web portfolio, all by Dec.15! So you may not be hearing much from me for awhile, here on the Bitten Apple.
If you see this sign on my door, please leave food, water and vitamins

Nevertheless, your blogs will still be my source of much-needed brief escapism, so I'm counting on you to get me through! I won't comment unless something gets me truly riled (like yesterday on the Humboldt Herald, whew!), but I'll be a silent reader.
Here is my exact facial expression

After the 15th, I'll be kicking holiday preparations into high gear. I hope to bake lots of cookies and do some crafts. That's my light at the end of the tunnel.
My to-do list


Kristen said...

That's a lot of grind-work for school: Good luck with it, and may your natural curiosity propel you forward in the sluggish moments!!! I'll be thinking of you. . . .

In Joy,

heraldo said...

Good luck with your many deadlines. And thanks for piping up where appropriate.

Indie said...

Thanks, Kristen and Heraldo!

My website is nearly done and if I do it well enough I can eliminate the need for the reflective essay. Next the thesis proposal (which is half written in my head already). Then the real work begins: the seminar paper. (My heart skipped a beat just writing that sentence!)

Heraldo, 'wow' on the class discrimination in that string of comments yesterday! The good news is: some people, given enough rope, will just go ahead and hang themselves.

heraldo said...

Exactly, Indie. Most readers are smart enough to see when someone is completely out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

K! Like the gone fishing idea, you surely made it visible for us readers and friends what you're doing! So thx for filling me in. Now I know. Later, good luck and keep up the good work, don't be a stranger after the 15th, between baking and crafting... ;-P Love ya girl, R.

Fred said...

Don't forget to remove the Eureka Reporter link from your sidebar.

Indie said...

Fred, thank you!