Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On to the Business of Life

Photo by Buncha Dogs and Susan
The trouble is, I'm not having thoughts profound enough to blog about lately. My thoughts and doings are very homey and earthbound.

But in case anyone wants to hear from me anyway, here are a few things on my mind. Warning: some of them are academic, not an interesting theme to some people, so I'm told.

The Burdensome Paper is Behind Me
Yesterday, I went up to Founders Hall at the university for the express purpose of putting my fat little paper in my professor's mailbox. I climbed that hill and all those many stairs burdened only with 26 pages held together with a binder clip -- the longest thing I have ever written besides this blog. I felt like I had wings.

The Future Thesis Begins to Take Shape
In the department office, where they keep the theses of grad students who've come and gone, I dared to peruse the titles, even glance inside a few binders. Has anyone written anything like what I have in mind? Where does my idea fit into the river of ideas?

This week, I approached my first and second readers with my thesis proposal. When I come back from vacation, I will submit the form for Advancement to Candidacy. All this seemed so remote just last year.
Winter Has Become my Favorite Season
Do any of you love the winter like I do? I love the holidays, the Christmas lights, the frost on the lawn in the morning, the crisp air, my leopard print gloves. I like to cook in winter, I even like to clean, but most of all I like to occupy my home in the winter.

My very favorite feeling in the world is crawling into my bed on a cold night, between flannel sheets and beneath my down comforter and the wool blanket my grandparents gave my parents for a wedding gift.

At that moment, it's so easy to say prayers like, "Thank you for all the blessings in my life."
Heavenly Ordinariness
Today, I've been doing laundry, wrapping gifts, tidying up, running errands, doing minor household repairs (Thank you, Cameron, who explained how to replace a toilet seat!), etc. Tonight I'm making homemade burritos for dinner. Tomorrow, I'm making soap and bath salts to give to my friends. I am looking at four solid weeks of school-free time -- heaven!
Hope is the Key
I have to decide what I'll be doing for Christmas since the family has been hit with tremendous centrifugal force lately. Money is scarce. There are some trials and tribulations in my life, but as I have written before, hope is the magic ingredient. And that I have.


Lucy said...

I turned in my paper today! And I started my last one. That's so great that your thesis is taking form! Mine is just a glimmer in my mind. I have always loved winter, that is the sole reason I moved up here, because So. Cal was too hot. I love snuggling with my dogs in my bed, but waking up in the morning is almost impossible!

Kristen said...

Dear Indie,

Thank you for this "ordinary" post: It has fed my spirit. Hope sometimes seems dashing, but at the slightest invitation, it will settle-in and get comfy in my soul: You reminded me of that tonight, and I thank you.

Merry Winter, Indie :)
In Joy,

Indie said...

Lucy, congratulations on getting that paper off your plate; I truly understand the relief. And you're so right about it being almost impossible to leave the warm comfy bed come morning. :)

Kristen, you always say the nicest things. I am so glad something I wrote was useful to you! Best wishes, my new friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi K!

Well, no need to say I'm an ordinary person, so I appreciate even your "just" so ordinary blogs as well *lol*

As you I enjoy winter, but don't you live in CA? I recall it's freaking hot there around the year, where do you get crispy trees from and why would you need to crawl between two blankets or something like that? Come here, let me hand you real cold temperatures and crispy air *making you jealous*.

Oh, how I wish to receive some of your selfmade soap and bathsalt, but to ship it out here would for sure burst your budget *dreaming* ;-)

Anyway, my day was exactly like yours: housework and wrapping gifts. Need a ribbon? *lol* Don't come too close, I might just wrap you up and put you under my (not) tree! ;-P

Make the best outta your four weeks off, my three weeks off will start after tomorrow!

Glad to call you my friend and YOU for sure aren't virtual at all and you better know that my dear!!!

Enclosing you in my prayers :)

Indie said...

R, well, in justification of California winter, it has been freezing lately. We do have icy winters on the North Coast; our coast is more Oregon-like, and just inland there has been snow on the ground all week. I can see it from my window.

Even so, I would LOVE to come experience a German winter. Or you and I could steal away to the Alps or Sweden. (dreaming too)

I will send you some of my handmade bath goodies! :)

Anonymous said...

K., awh, how sweet of you! Thx in advance. Btw will I ever get to see the photo of the Santa suit?

Indie said...

R, I'll post a photo, but if looks could kill, all who view the photo would be piles of ashes. That was one irritated Santa cat!