Friday, December 26, 2008


To continue revisiting the ghosts of Christmas and toys past, I found some family photos that are way better than all those illustrations I scavenged off the internet. These are all circa 1965-1973.

This one is from 1968, and I was five. There is the infamous Shenanigans on the couch. I remember it all, that corduroy outfit, that Christmas ornament, those (totally cool, I now realize...) curtains.

Here is the turtle in question, a.k.a. Punny. I really can't say what made this toy my favorite. To this day, my sister calls me Turtle, but the truth is I have no particular affinity for the creatures. I do remember every detail of this turtle, thought, including tactile sensations. Here, I was two. Apparently, I was also really into this box.
Here is my dear big sister and me in our bedroom. She was 15, I was 5. This was 1968.
Here is my groovy bicycle. This was 1974. I was 11.
I remember this pleather jumper but not this particular doll.
I had the chicken pox here. That is not my bunny; I was just borrowing it from my sister for comfort.
Were we cool people or what? For a brief period we had motorcycles and we rode on the wild side, without helmets. I want those sunglasses my mom has on here!


Ernie Branscomb said...

You have a beautiful family Indie.

The house at the bottom looks like thousands of other houses built after World War Two.

Indie said...

Thanks, Ernie! My sister still owns that house though she doesn't live there. She fixed it up and added on a room. Now the room that was ours is the laundry room! We all 4 fit into a very tiny space, but I never noticed! The "woods" beside the house turned out to be just a patch of small mesquites through which you can clearly see the other side. I used to feel like such a bad-ass for knowing my way around the woods... :)

Jack said...

Great pics! Hope you had a nice Christmas!

I like that bike. Way cool.

Indie said...

Thanks Jack!

You inspired the recent toy post with Robbie the Robot last weekend. When you said it, I was thinking, "Who the heck is Robby the Robot?" But if I'd been a little boy back then, I probably would have known. I'm sure Quick Curl Francie has the same effect on you...

Anonymous said...

Born in 1960 here. Those photos look very much like my childhood. I remember getting a Major Matt Mason doll one year. Remember when NASA really ruled our cultural world? Do they even make Tang anymore?

Indie said...

Tang! Tang was really good. We drank what the astronauts drank; we were that cool.

But here's a sobering thought; I just saw an ad that said the space program is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

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