Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

It's quiet. Too quiet out here in the living room. One son went home and the other went with him to visit Dad until Monday. I just don't know what to do with myself, after the frenzy of getting ready for Christmas.

So now I am home alone in the silent living room, it's 11 p.m. and I'm getting sleepy. My wonderful warm bed is calling me. Flannel sheets, feather pillow, down comforter- -traditionally my favorite place in the universe. But lately it is the site of my restlessness, my anxious worrying, my troubled thoughts.

And every night, just when I am about to tame my troubled mind long enough to drift off to sleep, "RRRUFFF!" as if it comes from inside my own room. Adrenaline shoots through my chest, anger, rage and fury, frustration and desperation for one, just one good night's sleep.

My neighbor has a barking dog kenneled five feet from my bedroom window. Luckily, I haven't heard the barking since I went over there to say something at 8 a.m. Christmas morning. But last night, all night, the dog was noisily worrying something, trying to claw her way to freedom no doubt. And the wind was blowing tree branches down onto the kennel's tin roof. The bumping and banging went on non-stop from 11 p.m. until I finally had to resort to earplugs to get to sleep at 4 a.m.

Earplugs are a bad idea when you live in the country. A healthy sense of self- and family-preservation depends upon senses that are not dulled.

I am at my wits' end.

I can't imagine why he thought that would be a good place for the kennel--is it because it's far from his own bedroom window?

Last night when I was feeling desperate for sleep, I was thinking we are just going to have to move. Keep in mind we just moved in here Sept.1. There are still boxes I haven't unpacked. I searched all summer for this house and the idea of moving again makes me want to cry.


Carson Park Ranger said...

Like so many dog owners, your neighbor is a jerk, but I'd try talking to him about it anyway. Most reprobates lack feedback from their victims.

I deal with dog owners fairly often. "Are you gonna pick that up?" I ask, in an obviously rhetorical tone. If they complain that they don't have the means to pick it up, I insist that they wait while I bring a bag. It never fails.

Anonymous said...

Hi K!
From one MS struck to the other... let me tell you that bad sleeping habbits have to do with that too, and it also might be the moonphases, and things going on in your life that make you think and your brain working.
Maybe you can trick yourself into a safe feeling, that the dog makes your life safer as well? No?
Next idea: move your bedroom into another room, trade with Skyler who might not be as bothered as you? Wouldn't that be a good idea... change something in your bedroom... a fresh start, if you know what I mean?
And I agree with Carson Park Ranger: try talking to your neighbor (nicely) at least it's nightly disturbance of the peace. Greetings to him from Germany... *sarcastic* you know... German laws and stuff!
I prefer cats anyway. Eventhough I'm allergic... ;-)
Thinking of you, next time I'm up at 4 am myself, which for sure will be this night... again.
Hugs my friend, your anonymous R.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I used to have a neighbor that had five Pekinese dogs that she would lock in her back yard when she left for the evening. They would all yap incessantly until she returned. Like you, I am a light sleeper, and easily provoked into insanity. On several occasions I jumped the fence, opened her back door and let them all back in the house, climbed back over the fence and slept like a baby.

beachcomber said...

My condolences on the lack of sleep. While I manage to FALL asleep, I awaken constantly through the night for various reasons: snoring spouse, motion detector outside my window set off (usually) by my own cats but I have to check just in case, thinks being tumbled by the wind....

As for the dog, I've heard of people who have made recordings of the neighbor's dog, then played them to the neighbor... over the 3 am. Something to keep in mind if the nice-talk doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

I love beachcomber's suggestion, that's the best and I would do that! *lol* Hugs, R.

Indie said...

Thank you all for responding kindly to this post, which was a total rant.

To my neighbor's credit, I haven't heard barking since Christmas morning. If they have really responded considerately, as it seems, I am going to bake them cookies!

Last night I was so zonked after working, that even a marching band through the back yard couldn't have wakened me!

I am sleep-deprived for sure lately, but it's not entirely the dog's fault.