Monday, December 1, 2008


The word is out in my neighborhood that I like mushrooms, apparently, because a different neighbor came by this afternoon to offer me a book about identifying them. Mushrooms of North America by Orson K. Miller, Jr.
It's full of colorful illustrations. Maybe I can finally identify the mysterious ghostly white mushrooms Angela found last week growing on a fallen log.

My neighbor said her husband found a chanterelle while out hunting that was so huge one mushroom served her whole family!
Not my actual neighbor
She also told me the neighbor, who owns Ruby the cow, said about me, "Different strokes for different folks!"


Anonymous said...

Hi K, you're cute! You remind me of this holiday I once took (to Austria)... it was a romantic trip on behalf of our 5 year anniversary. How else could it be, my boyfriend found a big mushroom in the woods, where we were going for a walk. I asked him what he wanted it for, why to pick it, we're not at home in our own kitchen... So he went straight into the hotel kitchen to talk to the chef of cuisine. And guess what? The chef prepared lunch for us, mushroom with scrambled eggs. Later on we took a photo, the chef with his big white hat, just to prove later on who killed us. *lol* He really wanted Peter to identify the mushroom and double checked if Peter really, really knew it, because he (a native) didn't! The mushroom was as big as a whole man's hand... ;-) Thought I would share. Hugs, R.

Indie said...

Wow, such a great story!