Friday, January 30, 2009


What are the chances I'd be watching episodes of the creepy X-Files-esque Fox series "Fringe" online while I make fringe for my afghan? I'm being haunted by fringe.


Kato said...

What a beautiful garden and a perfect resource for folks like you who appreciate a little sweat equity and the rewards of working with the earth: physical, emotional, social, spiritual and nutritional therapy!

How do you find time for all this?

steviewren said...

I like Fringe too.

Indie said...

Steviewren, "Fringe" is a little bloody and horrible; I have to walk away every once in awhile during gruesome scenes. But Xfiles was like that too sometimes.

Kato, I don't have any choice on finding time. My son has been "sentenced" to community service, and I stick with him to support him.

I have essentially renounced my social life until this and his health issues are behind us.

It's all one responsibility after another, so when I get free I just want to stay home and crochet or watch a movie.

That's why I'm so grateful for my blog friends; otherwise I'd be a terrible hermit.

And that's why I try to make the best of it as often as I can, appreciating the blessings and gifts that are inside all the problems. As much as I can.