Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goth RV Rodeo

Too much rodeo for these RVs (photo from "A Dover RV Dealer's Display")

Last night I dreamed there was horrible, undefinable music coming from my neighbor's house. In the dream, there were kids arriving as if for a party, kids dressed in black vaguely reminiscent of goth or emo.

I wondered if the parents were out of town or what, wondered if things were going to get out of control later or what.

Then all of a sudden I saw floodlights in the neighbor's backyard, and I looked out the window. There was a huge crowd at the fence and a huge RV going around in circles inside the perimeter of the yard, at top speed.

This looked so unsafe that the danger might even pour over into my yard if that driver of the RV lost control. So I called the police and said, "My neighbors are having a rodeo!"

If you are a Freudian psychoanalyst, please don't give this another thought.
Emo kids
Goth kids


steviewren said...

I'm old. Please tell me the difference between Emo and Goth. (Goth I know...not Emo)

Indie said...

I know it when I see it, but that doesn't mean I have a clue what it means!

It's a style that denotes an affiliation to a particular kind of music, mainstream punk, a.k.a. emotional punk, a.k.a. "indie bands" (no relation to me). The only emo band I can name for sure is My Chemical Romance.

Anyway, the fashion looks like skinny pants, flat shoes, lots of black, straight hair, long bangs brushed to the side, tight band t-shirts (the more obscure the better), and fake glasses. Boys and girls dress identically.

headwrapper said...

Looks like he got the idea from the caddilac ranch

Indie said...

Hey, Headwrapper, thanks for the link! "Quirky Attractions in Texas." Now I'm really looking forward to my next trip back.