Friday, January 30, 2009

Healing Garden Part II

As promised, here are the images from our beautiful day in the garden. This is my son hard at work mulching the newly pruned fruit trees.
Here is the master gardener himself, a seriously cool guy and a fountain of information about making things grow.
I got dirty and wet from the knees down due to my hands-on approach.
The garden is full of these little guys.
Look at their incredible camouflage.
Mysterious, work-related bruise on my arm.
Gorgeous collard greens.
You cut out the stem.
Put them in a pan with broth. Cover and steam for just a few minutes.
Cornbread in the making.


steviewren said...

Cornbread and collard greens is the perfect meal. Yummy. You need some homemade pepper sauce for the greens. Come on over. I have a big jar.

Indie said...

Steviewren, sounds amazing! I wish!