Thursday, January 1, 2009

Inventory and Strategy

Yesterday, at the end of an old year, I looked back on what had happened in 2008.

At the start of a brand new year, it's useful to take inventory, to see what I have to work with in 2009.
With these two things in mind, I see what I need to do to improve my life, in the form of New Year's Resolutions. By the way, I only made two New Year's Resolutions last year and I actually kept them! They were: to use my own shopping bags, coffee cup and water bottle. Not 100 percent of the time, but most of the time, I succeeded. We made so much less trash this year.

I'm thankful for the following things:
  1. My amazing growing sons who constantly delight, surprise and challenge me even as they make my life rich.
  2. The long remission of my MS, which hasn't flared up full force since December 1999. Nearly a decade!
  3. The constant presence of hope in my life and the dynamic sense of always moving forward.
  4. My sister who is terra firma for many people, not just me.
  5. My friends who never give up on me.
  6. The professors at HSU who have become so dear that I almost dread graduating: Prof. Doty. Prof. Ahokas and Prof. Stacey.
  7. All the great things out there in the world yet to do, see and discover.
  8. My job which I absolutely adore and actually look forward to every week.
  9. The things that make me laugh.
  10. My mind (you'll appreciate this if, God forbid, you ever have a brain disorder).
  11. My faith, a private thing, but I need to mention it.

  1. To do something active, preferably outdoors, every day.
  2. To write my thesis in reasonable increments throughout the next five months.
  3. To graduate with distinction in May.
  4. To engage only with people who build me up and to build up my friends and acquaintances in return.
  5. To be thrifty and not wasteful.
  6. To be a wise and loving guide as my sons reach into adulthood.
  7. To be ethical.
  8. To get rid of everything that doesn't pass this test: Do I love it or is it useful? I'd like to lighten my load by half.
  9. To find a yoga class.


Kristen said...

Happy New Year Indie :)

Your present foundations and new resolutions sound like the building blocks of a brilliant living experience! May they bless you as you hope :)

Also, I need to steal your "pass the test" rule: That is a truly inspired question to ask of everything in your life!

Here's To Being Alive!

Anonymous said...

Pointed out extremely good as always my dear friend K!
Stick to it. Do it. Go ahead.
Love, R.

Kato said...

Hello, Indie:

You've inspired my frequent browsing here...
I've enjoyed your writing on other NC blogs and was delighted to find your own to be of the same caliber. I'm moved by your candid revelations and thoughtful insights. You have my appreciation for intelligent and emotional writing (tough!) and my best wishes for a fulfilling new year: you've got it coming!

Indie said...

R, thanks. Sometimes things are the most powerful in list form!

Kato, thanks for the positive assessment of my writing. I'm glad that it moved you and that my insights are worth something to others. Thank you for reading and Happy New Year to you too.

Carol said...

To find a yoga class

You and me both. I have yoga DVD's but it seems so much effort to put them in the machine, get my yoga mat out ...

Congratulations on your MS remission - 10 years!

Indie said...

Carol, I just wish there was something in McKinleyville. But I heard about one in Arcata someplace on the plaza. I'll have to look into it.

Of course there is always the class at HSU, but I don't trust myself to actually go. I already dropped out once. I am a yoga drop-out.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Thin out your possessions. Wash that stuff right out of your hair.