Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mixed Drinks

Not a good combo for me
I have reached the conclusion that alcohol doesn't like me anymore.

I went out last night with the stated intention of drinking. I met up with a buddy of mine who likes to drink beer, and I had the full intention of drinking lots of beers and blowing lots of hot air like all the people in the brewery always seem to be having such a great time doing.

Well the beer, the food and the conversation were great. My friend is a world traveler who had just returned from Brazil, so I knew he'd have adventure stories.

And he did. For example, did you know that in Brazilian nightclubs, all you need to know how to say in Portuguese is "My name is..." and "What's your name?" and then the kissing starts? Just like that. Brazilian nightclubs are just giant hook-up sites, bursting with interested single people. Hmmm.

If we had ended the evening there, everything probably would have been ok.

But we had the bright idea to head over the Arcata and do the Plaza crawl. Honestly, I felt like an anthropologist in a strange land, observing the unusual behavior of exotic natives.

For one thing, everyone in the Arcata bars on a Friday night must have just celebrated their 21st birthdays last week. They were babies. They looked 12.

My friend's roommate joined us there, and I felt happy to be hanging out with these two nice guys. And now, with the presence of a sober driver, I switched to hard liquor.

I tried a new thing: Red Bull as a mixer. This didn't exist back in the dinosaur days when I drank in bars. Judging from the reaction of my body and mind, the idea behind mixing your downer (alcohol) with an upper (taurine) must be that your body metabolizes the alcohol faster, perhaps more effectively.

This was a mistake.

It took all my concentration to maintain my dignity on the tall heels of my black boots as we walked back to the car. Back at home, I wasn't well (I say euphemistically) and this morning, I was even less well.

Everything in life is a trade off, according to gift theory. And the pleasure of drinking alcohol is not worth the misery of a hangover.


Kristen said...

Early in high school, I read a poster that said, "drinking too much is like giving yourself the flu." And, after seeing a few friends with hungovers, I have never even been tempted to ingest alcohol. Not that I am noble or anything, it just always looks like such a torment! I hope that you are feeling better tonight ... or sleeping it off well :)

Love sent to You,

Indie said...

It just always looks like fun, but it's only fun in small, small doses.

Anonymous said...

Well K, what can I say? Shouldn't you prevent alcohol anyway? And then again as far as I know you're not taking any meds are you? So for me these alcohol blow out your brains times are over long time ago. Luckily Peter's as well, after all this trouble he put the whole family through due to drink and drive, losing his license. We needed to pick him up in a health care facility... long story K, but seriously since several years the whole family has been sober, which is a good example for our daughter. And she proudly proclaims everywhere it's suitable or not that all we're allowed to drink, she's allowed, too ;-/
As Kristen said... hope you feel better this morning and remember: things NEVER look better after the consume of alcohol, so why put up with the hassle? *mwah* R.

Carol said...

The best cure for a hangover is time. I agree, Indie, it just is not worth it. Feel better soon!

Indie said...

R, actually I am taking a medication, Welbutrin, and after a little research, found out that is exactly what happened.

Why didn't anyone ever warn me not to drink alcohol? Why didn't I find out before this? I usually only have one or two drinks even in social situations, so that's how it took me so long to find out.

Oh, dear, in spite of my age and apparent frailty, I AM a college student with a bajillion young friends. Am I destined to be the sober driver/mother figure to them all? *sigh*

Anyway, I'm all better today:) Thanks for well wishes, Kristen, R and Carol.

Kym said...

After my husband on my first "date" held my hair back while I hugged the porcelian throne, I no longer drink much--maybe twice a year I have one drink.

Anonymous said...

I know this is crazy sounding...but Mrs. Winner's greenbeans and a large coke always helped to cure my hangover!

ang said...

I don't see you as a mother figure, I hate bars too because they are mostly youngin's. Every time I drink more than a few I always regret it. It's a terrible drug. Yes its very very bad to drink with antidepressants. I think that is why I get so sick when I do drink.

Indie said...

Kym, wow! A heck of a first date with a guy who ended up marrying you! LOL! You knew he was going to turn out to be a good friend, right?

That was definitely not one of my finer moments... and will seriously curtail my behavior, for awhile anyway.

And in case it doesn't, I'm all about OliveRue's green bean hangover cure. My friend the next morning tried to suggest tomato juice to me, and I'm sure I turned bright green when she said it.

Ang, really? Those bars even make you feel old? I feel better :) Well, the good news is, we are really cheap dates: one drink only.

Fete et Fleur said...

I hope you are the road to recovery! I'm one of those that has never been able to have too much alcohol. My system does not take kindly to it.


Anonymous said...

To my friend who sing w/the voice of an angel...
Haven't you heard??? Beer before liquor,never sicker.
Love and happy new year,

Indie said...

Fete et Fleur, yes, I think I am one of those too!

L, hi there! That sounds like a handy little saying to aid a person in keeping her wits about her.

It reminds me of the one about seas and storms: "Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky at dawn, sailors be warned."

Or the one you use to tell a King snake from a coral snake: "Red on balck, poison lack; red on yellow, kill a fellow."

Anonymous said...

"Everything in life is a trade off, according to gift theory. And the pleasure of drinking alcohol is not worth the misery of a hangover."

I agree, having been down the road of compulsive drinking myself. Down and back, I might add.

Here are some useful tips I learned along the way. The hard way.

Never mix your drinks.

Never drink MD 20/20. (Mad Dog)

Never drink Bacardi 151 Proof Rum.

Eat a good meal before beginning a drinking session. Protein, not just greens.

Then drink water between drinks.

Then when you return home, drink more water.

If you do take any medications, read the bottles first. Some of them clearly state that alcohol must not be used.

There's more, but these tips should be enough for now.

Oh. One more thing. If you refrain from drinking when all about you are drinking theirs, you will be, my friend, a more objective observer of the madness of crowds.

I hope you appreciate the literary references, Indie.

Indie said...

Anonymous! I've missed you. May I just add that my blog has the coolest Anonymous of any other blog in the Humboldt Blogosphere.

Thanks for all your tips, but I think it will be a non-issue from now on. This was sort of a lark; I was dabbling around to see which aspects of my previous self I'd like to reclaim. Drinking heavily isn't one of them, it turns out.

I know just what you mean about the madness of crowds (including lit refs). I usually find drunk people, and especially stoned people, intolerable if my own head is clear.

And I actually like to have a clear head.

I'm glad your road led back.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Indie. Thank you for your kind words. If I ever have one of those mornings when the world seems grey and ominous and I can't muster the will to get out of bed, I will think of you and the clouds will go away.

Indie said...

I am happy to cheer you up:)

Monica... That One Girl said...

I'm a few days late here, but what better time to chip in (after the crowd's disbursed).

I did try to Red Bull and vodka a couple of weekends ago, except with the new Playboy energy drink (raspberry flavor) and mango-infused Absolut. It might be a new favorite of mine. I got my slight buzz (I *rarely* have more than two drinks, even when I feel like tying one on) and felt good the next day. Yay!

And despite also being a college student and not the mother of a teenager, the bar scene totally makes me feel old. I've pretty much sworn off bars for the sake of bars... I'm all about the live music, cuz those kids out at Toby and Jacks pint night make me feel like so much of a curmudgeon! More than my 28 years should allow, anyway.

You're not alone. :-)