Thursday, April 9, 2009

Belly Laughs

Well, apparently everyone in the entire world except me knew about Flight of the Conchords before today. It's probably from not having TV maybe, because they have a variety show in HBO which I have never seen.

But after a couple of my friends made some obscure references on Facebook today, I discovered them. And then spent the next hour or two watching YouTube videos and laughing my head off.

I can't decide which is funniest, so I'm going to share a few videos.

Business Time

Ladies of the World

She's So Hot - Boom

Foux de Fa Fa


steviewren said...

Don't feel bad. I had no idea about them either until my son fill me in by showing me Business Time on YouTube. OMGosh, so funny!

Indie said...

Business Time was my introduction too! I made some innocent comment on Facebook about getting down the business and two of my friends started quoting that song in their comments. I had not idea what they were talking about, so I Googled it. I have never laughed so hard.

When he says, "Now I'm down to just my socks. That's why they call 'em business socks." Hilarious!!! He describes the unsexiest things imaginable in this deep, rich, seductive, suggestive voice.

It's business, It's business time!

Melanie said...

well, the songs are funny, but I thought the show itself wasn't all that (mainly just a way to string the songs together). My fav is Hiphopapotamus & Rhymenocerous :-)

Indie said...

Melanie, I heard that one too. SO funny! The songs are definitely funniest when paired with the funny videos. I saw clips from the TV show, but I agree: they should do skits!

For example, in "All the Ladies of the World," by far the funniest part is that these two guys are so great on roller skates. LOL!!

Kristabel said...

I love those guys! There's a sweet, strange and quirky movie called "Eagle vs. Shark" starring the guy with the glasses. You might want to check it out. xo

Indie said...

Thank you, Kristabel! I will check it out.

Kato said...

With no TV, I only found out about FOC this year, too. Terry Gross had a hilarious interview with them, and then my neighbor loaned me their complete first season on DVD... great rip on the music industry, but sweet, offbeat ironic humor on its own. And the tunes ROCK!