Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As The World Turns

Remember the olden days when I used to post every day? And now, weeks go by with nary a peep. It's not like there are any shortages of things going on in my world and in my head, but the drama of my life has definitely toned way down. Thank God.

Now there are just a few things to report:
The Joy & the Challenges

It's week three of teaching and I seriously love it. I truly like and respect every single one of my students. After class, I practically float out of the classroom to my car, because teaching energizes me!!

But there are also challenges. One of the zillion books I am reading about teaching ESL literacy, describes "the difficult circumstances under which most teaching of English as a foreign language is done, with few texts, high absenteeism, large classes, and learners with a wide range of proficiencies" (Teaching and Learning Vocabulary). That about sums it up, plus a few challenges on the administrative side.

Every minute I'm not in the classroom, I am planning, thinking, preparing, problem-solving. It even keeps me up at night when I should be sleeping.

Baby Comes Closer

I saw my son and his girlfriend over the weekend and the size of her big round belly reminds me that September is really not that far away. Before we know it a baby will be here. I need to get cracking on a number of projects, from baby blanket to cookbook.

Time is Kind

I went to a small summer music festival and saw many old friends. I was struck by how beautifully everyone is aging.
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Moving Sucks

I've decided to move into a small, cheap apartment as soon as I can find one, because I can't afford so much space and I need to save money for the trip to Sweden I plan to take in January.

If I am fortunate, I will find a place that will let me keep my cat (whom I've had for years and is no trouble). But judging by last summer's house hunt, I am not holding my breath. If it comes down to it (and I hope it doesn't), perhaps my old friend Paris can be housed with friends.

Meanwhile, I have to down-down-downsize my possessions. To that end, I sold my other bikes on craigslist today.

Of course, the weather is so pretty now, the flowers are blooming and my home is so pleasant. Wish I could stay, but that is not in the stars.

I am casting the net widely to try to find a teaching job in Sweden before I go there. I don't know if I have the nerve to go there and then look for work.

And, there are a million little things to sort out first-- passport, plane tickets, permits, learning the language, establishing equivalent credentials, etc. Researching that is what I do for fun.


steviewren said...

Nice to catch up with you again. I've been wondering where you had gotten to. I hope you will keep your blog up once you are in Sweden. I've always wanted to travel there. The next best thing would be reading someone else's impressions of life there.

Indie said...

That's a good idea! I started this blog originally to chronicle the road to becoming a teacher. I love when people chronicle their travels!

You have always wanted to travel to Sweden? I didn't know you were interested. I'd love to hear about that.

By the way, I got a friend request on Facebook from someone I thought was you, Stevie. I am thinking now that it wasn't... was it?

You have always

Anonymous said...

For Paris to be genuinely happy, he needs to live with people who truly love him.

Indie said...

I know.

If any landlord knew him, they would never object to his presence. He has never harmed or destroyed anything, not even once.

Anonymous said...

Long time no read K.! Haven't heard from you in a while. Tell me, will you stop by my place on your way to or from Sweden? Would you be able to afford it?
I hold my thumbs for the appartment and job hunt, sweetie.
Everything fine at my side of the world, don't worry. Just busy and somehow at the end of my health, I need a longer break.
Let's write each other more often, you hear me?
Hugs, R.

Indie said...

R!! Surely fortune will be kind enough to allow me to visit you when I am so close by (relatively speaking). I guess it depends on money.

Wish your health was better and that your breaks were longer, my friend.