Thursday, October 29, 2009

Building the Big Love

And I know what love can do.
Yes I know what hearts can do.
The big love -- is taking the wheel,
The big love -- goes head over heels,
The big lust-- bring it into the small world,
The bigger, the better-- Big love

Waiting to catch the big one,
Head over heels, the big one
Bring it into the small world.
I'm building the big big love,
I'm building the big big love.

It has to be a big thing.
It's bringing me to my knees.
Has to be a big thing, big thing,
ya know what I'm saying...


Anonymous said...

K, you're most definitely 'Lost in music' these days... *giggle* Who was that, Kool and the Gang? Think so. Huggles, R. Oh, PS: what do you wanna tell us through that??? *thinking hard*

Indie said...

It's Roxette, the band that my favorite Swedish songwriter, Per Gessle, was in during the '80s.

I meant to say I won't be messing around with any half-hearted romantic experiences, no dating if I can already tell someone is not the one for me.

The only way I want to participate in romance at all is to build the Big Love.

Hanna said...

That's a way to express the meaning of the song. I'm a fan of Per Gessle, and I've met him once.
Noticed that you've written a comment on my blog.

Don't see this as the ultimate Roxette-song, but it's bad. At a concert in may this year, both Marie and Per performed The Look and It must have been love. Really cool.
Well, I just checked out you blog to see what person it was that had read the post about leaves.

Indie said...

Hanna, thanks for coming to check out my blog.

I have only just begun "to scratch the surface" of all the songs he has written.

I do like this one, even though it sounds very 80s-pop, because I understand the idea of building a love that is substantial.

My favorite Roxette song is "Come Back Tomorrow (And We Do it Again)."

My favorite Per songs in general are "Jo-Anna Says," "En Handig Man," "Jag skulle Vilja Tänka en Underbar Tanke," and "När Karolina Kom" (because my name is Karol).

Maybe you like "Hannas Kärlekspil" for the same reason? :-)