Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Secret

I write this through a fever haze that seems to affect the touch of my fingers on the keyboard. If you see a misspelled word or misplaced punctuation, be lenient with me today, please. I have the flu.

It has been nearly a month since I last posted, tantalizingly announcing the existence of three secrets to be revealed. Here is one:

That thesis, that 80-page behemoth that I labored over through the winter and despaired that no one would ever read, that thesis has been nominated for an award!

The Patricia O. McConkey Outstanding Thesis award. Here is a link to last year's call for nominations.

This has renewed my faltering interest in my thesis and renewed my determination to finish it. I also had to write a 1,000-word summary of the project, which was an excellent exercise in refocusing my energy.

Just the nomination means I will graduate with distinction, which was my highest goal. So I don't even need to win; this makes me very happy.


Ronald Rabenold said...

I wish you well. Keep writing. Don't give up.

Indie said...

Thank you, Ronald.

Anonymous said...

"The Patricia O. McConkey Outstanding Thesis award."

Thank you, Indie. You've given me three presents this morning.

1) You've resumed writing here.

2) You've been nominated for your thesis work.

3) The award is "The Patricia O. McConkey Outstanding Thesis award." I knew Pat McConkey and counted her a friend.

File this note under Friendship, Awards, and also under Small World.

I met Pat when I was earning my Masters degree in Education almost twenty years ago!

Also file this note under Tempus Fugit.

Indie said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing my happiness!

Actually I am very curious about Pat McConkey and have been unable to find any information about who she was. I would love to know more.

Kristabel said...

That is so exciting! Congratulations! You're not going to believe this, but I'd really like to read your thesis some day.

Also, I'm reading this without my glasses, and at first glance I read it as the "Patricia McMonkey" award which I thought was a fantastic name.

xoxox I can't wait for the next secret.

Indie said...

I admit I was googling it as McClonkey and wondering why nothing was coming up.

I agree, McMonkey is a good name, perhaps for a character in your next novel...

Kristabel, if you can sit through 80 pages, then you are a hero. But you are definitely welcome to read it.

Anonymous said...

As a person who as a child was pestered by classmates who found my ethnically-diverse surname funny, I am sensitive to those who amuse themselves by rearranging the letters in other people's names.

I remember a nice kid in my third-grade class who once double-dribbled a basketball in gym class. He was, from that day through the rest of his elementary school career, known as "Double-Dribble Dibble."

For all I know, people are calling him that name today.

But I never did it.

I guess that's one of the reasons people tell me I take things too seriously.

In any case, I'm pretty sure Mrs. McConkey or her kids wouldn't mind being called "McMonkey." She was a sweet person with a great disposition. Very supportive of grad students when they were facing challenges. Maybe I was just lucky, but I never saw her frown!

Gee, I just remembered when I thought Senator McCain's name was McClain! What a strange idea!

Indie said...

Was she a professor?

Anonymous said...


Congratulations! You might not need to win but I'm hoping you do!

Indie said...

Thank you, Kym. It would be nice. I'm happy either way, just honored to be considered at all.

Anonymous said...

Indie, call the Education Department and ask about her.

Anonymous said...

The Education Department can tell you more than I can, because I lost contact with her after I completed my post-graduate work. After you make the phone call, you'll be able to enlighten me on what she did after the years 1989-1991.

McKinleyville Kris said...

Pat McConkey was a dear friend of mine whom I knew while working at the university. She was the graduate student clerk in Admissions. Before that she was the Vet Clerk in the Records Office. She came to HSU as the wife of a math professor, helped to raise his children although had none of her own and was one of the dearest, sweetest persons I have ever met.

She always had time to listen and honestly cared about other people. She liked to laugh, she loved animals and wore some of the goofiest earrings I have ever seen. (She must have had a million pair, I swear!)

I was honored that she confided in me and that she considered me a friend.

steviewren said...

Wow! Congratulations and celebrations are in order. I hope you will feel better soon so you are able to throw a party and dance on the tabletops.

Indie said...

Thanks, McKinleyville Kris! Her family must have set up this award in her honor after she passed away. When you google the name,you find HSU graduates all over the country mentioning the nomination among their accomplishments.

Thank you, Steviewren!! :) I expect the antibiotics to work soon.