Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Pleasures

#1: Summer Festivals
The Summer Arts Fair was absolutely splendid! My friend and I brought a gorgeous picnic with us and filled our coffee cups with good wine. Running into old friends at every turn was so fun. That huge smile never left my face all day.

#2: Teaching Summer School
I can't believe it is almost the end of the session for the classes I am teaching.

It has been the most wonderful experience, almost idyllic. I have to keep telling myself this is a particularly great group of students, that it won't always be so exhilarating to teach every class, savor it.

I have learned a lot about teaching and felt blessed by having so many interesting new people in my life.

#3: Planning a Summer Getaway

Plans are underway for the Sweden trip. I've been working overtime to try to save up some money, taking every substituting gig, every odd job that comes my way. I'm subbing tomorrow, as a matter of fact. And I'll be distributing newspapers next week. If you need your dog walked or something, just let me know.

Little by little, it's coming together. My passport arrived. I found the perfect suitcase last week, the perfect carry-on today.

I bought earplugs today, too, because my big plan is to sleep through the trip, if possible, fall asleep in America, wake up in Scandinavia.

#4: Recovering from a Summer Cold

I am now on the mend after a bug of some sort struck. It had been dogging my heels for a week, making me tired, but I kept pushing myself anyway -- accepting extra work, helping in the church garden, driving all the way to SoHum for a friend's birthday bash.

Finally, on the 4th of July, it got me at last. I could not even get up and watch fireworks; I could not attend barbecues! I missed work. But I am better now.

#5: Planting vegetables

I've been working in the church garden still, whenever I get a chance. Last week, I planted a row of purple cabbage.

#6: Farmer's Markets
My new favorite food in the universe is Golden Beets, roasted in the oven with rosemary.

#7: Beachcombing

On one of these beautiful days we've been having, I went to Trinidad with some old friends. The beach was in fine form, the sky brilliant blue and the ocean following suit. We ate fish and chips. It was a perfect day.
Windblown but very happy.
#8: Summer Parties

At my friend's recent birthday party, it was like a reunion of old friends, dancing, cupcakes, great music, good conversation. One of my clever friends knew brought green tea with mint leaves in it, so while everyone else was drinking mojitos, we could stay sober even with drinks in our hands.

#9: Sunbathing
Oh the pleasure of this coastal weather, where you can sunbathe as long as you want without ever breaking a sweat!
#10: Summer Superstitions

Well, I was not lucky enough to spend Midsummer's Day in Sweden this year, but I did find out about an interesting tradition. A girl gathers seven different kinds of flowers and puts them under her pillow. That night she will dream of her true love.

#11 My hammock
Absolute favorite place to be.

#12 Flowers, butterflies and hummingbirds
Everywhere I look. So beautiful!! I love summer.


Anonymous said...

Hi K! I absolutely love red cabbage and your blogs! Haven't been here lately, because you haven't posted, now I'm astounded on how many I missed out on... :( Trinidad? That's a whole different country!!!!!!!! When did that ever happen? *jealous* And if I had a dog you could walk it any time. I still don't get it how you came up with the idea of travelling to Europe, Sweden explicitely. Is there someone waiting on you??? ;-P And the end of the school year: it's still 16 more days to go here, but I totally understand your feelings. I don't teach grownups, but more toddlers and little kids but I so understand. I'm glad it's over for a while so I can smell the roses, while on the other hand I have a hard time of letting know, not knowing how the new pupils will be like. I don't even know about the new working conditions ahead. Plus I'm working on my first report cards ever, trying to not offend the parents or discourage the children *sigh* I believe they would settle for participating certificates as well *lol* ;-) Anyway, I hope we'll connect more often from now on, and that you'll keep in touch even from Europe then, you hear me? Hugs, R.

Anonymous said...

letting go, sorry

Indie said...

Hello my dear sweet R! I feel more inspired to write a blog if I know someone is reading it! One of my friends sent me a text not long ago, "You need to update the Bitten Apple." So I knew someone was reading! :)

Trinidad is a little coastal city about 15 miles from my house. It is so gorgeous and I can't believe I don't spend more time there. I took my son and his friend day before yesterday and they played for hours then we watched a gorgeous sunset.

You are describing my exact feelings about the end of the teaching session. I have no idea if I will like the next set of students or if it all will go so smoothly, etc. Today is our last day.

Also, I am having the same struggle with comments on grade reports. *sigh*

I do have friends in Sweden to visit, a whole family, two whole families (related to one another). And a cousin and her whole family. And everyone is SO HOSPITABLE & KIND!!! I am very, very excited.

Anonymous said...

When we are on vacation, all the people we meet are wonderful. Why? Because they are reflecting our own happiness and enthusiasm.