Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life Goes On

Today, I saw my son and his girlfriend who are expecting a child, my first grandchild, in about two weeks. I was working today, but I was able to take an hour off to have lunch with them.

They are a sweet and beautiful young couple.

My son has grown into an amazing young man before my eyes. He was full of stories of his new job, making pizza at a nice local restaurant, of plans for the future, of names for his future child.

His girlfriend had the fabled luminosity of pregnancy and an air of calmness beyond her years. She talked about recent ultrasound photos of the baby where Baby Girl's face was clearly visible and you could see she has my son's mouth.

They are going to be wonderful parents, and my heart is bursting with love for them and with excited anticipation of meeting my little granddaughter very soon.
Nineteen years ago, when I was expecting my son, it was the heat of summer and he was 10 days overdue. I was exhausted, uncomfortable and impatient.

So I went to a masseuse who "specialized in the childbearing years." The massage felt great, of course, and she did some acupressure tricks to bring on labor.

More importantly, she asked me to visualize the baby.

Now I'm a skeptic, but I was a desperate skeptic that day, willing to try anything. Obediently, I closed my eyes, and without the slightest effort on my part, there appeared in my mind a beautiful baby face, in profile, rounded cheeks pink, golden hair, eyes shining.

My heart began to melt.

"Maybe the baby has something to tell you," said the masseuse.

Instantly, instantly, the words popped into my mind:

"I need you."

"And maybe you have something to tell the baby," continued the masseuse, although I had given no outward indication of any of these thoughts.

"I'll take care of you," I silently vowed. And tears began to flow.

By the next morning, I was a mother.

Tomorrow, it will be 19 years since I became a mother. In two weeks (give or take), my son will become a father. Life goes on.


Anonymous said...

K, I'm glad I'm first to comment on this one ;-P Secondly, I thought the baby was born already, didn't I congratulate you already? Was I dreaming??? And last but not least: you gave me the goosebumps and made my eyes water. I'm tearing up as I type, there you have it now *sniffle* :) How lovely you put that! Happy birthday T.!!! You worked on a Sunday (?) on a holiday weekend (?), probably the newspaper job, huh? Anyway, I'm so glad the two youngsters pulled you out of your little emotional nutshell you're stuck in lately. And I thank the other Anonymous for contributing such good ideas, I just hope your "friends" read the blog and pick up some of the suggestions (donating for a moving company is a great idea, as well as rolling up their sleeves carrying the heavy stuff! You driving the truck ok, but most of the other stuff is a male job. How about your two sons helping?). As I wrote before, I wish I'd be there. You need distraction and to meet new people, so you won't be stuck in this emotional depression hole any second longer!!! Love, R.

Indie said...

I'm glad what I wrote touched you, R. You know the secrets of a mother's heart.

Nope, the baby is due Sept. 21; we are still waiting. We did find out thanks to ultrasound that she is a little girl!! Maybe that's what you remember.

Yes, I was at work at the newspaper, like every Sunday afternoon/evening.

Seeing the kids was really nice.

And I wish you were here!! That would be the loveliest thing. Consider that an invitation! My Beach Cottage has a guest room with your name on it. :)

Indie said...

Update: Darling little baby girl was born yesterday (09.09.09) at 7:29 a.m. two days after my son's 19th birthday (think her lucky number might be 9?) She does indeed have my son's mouth. *LOVE*