Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Slow Fast Food

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Well, now that I've revived the blog, I have to decide what to do with it. There are so many directions to go that I just can't decide.

Maybe it could be a spot for restaurant reviews, in which case I should tell you about Naan of the Above in Arcata, where I had lunch today.

It's sort of a stationary mobile restaurant. I mean, it's on wheels like a taco truck but tidier and more colorful. One eats al fresco, perched uncomfortably on lightweight resin patio furniture, trucks blasting by drowning out conversation, wind whipping through blowing the paper napkins off the table.

It's like fast food, except, well, not fast.

And not cheap either, at 9 bucks and change for two samosas and a mango lassi. The samosas were delicious and so was the lassi, but I think the price is too steep. I would like to have tried more things on the menu (like the kheer or the naan), but I couldn't afford it.

The al fresco part sounds nice but the location isn't good. And on a cool day like today, I'd prefer comfortable indoor dining.

And my favorite Indian restaurant remains: Eureka's buffet at Pak Indian Cuisine. Especially the chai, the rice pudding, naan, the chicken tikka masala and the dahl. Sometimes, there's even okra. All you can eat and Bollywood on the big screen: works for me.

If only it was closer to my work.


Kristabel said...

Hi Indie,

I tried Naan of the Above the other day for the first time. I'd read about the whole mess with the city council wanting them to remove those gorgeous tents and was so glad that NOTA prevailed.

The women who run it are sweet, creative and enthusiastic (love their samosa gram idea.) Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the food and the high price. It really doesn't taste very authentic, and it's just too expensive for what you get.

I, too, love Pak Indian Cuisine. They're a really sweet family. I like ordering off the menu better than the buffet, but it can't be beat if you're looking for something quick. Have you tried the eggplant bharta? Delicious. Let's go there sometime when you're in Eureka.

Alright...end of my 1 a.m. blathering comment. I think I'm just so excited that you're blogging again.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Wow. All of the faithful check-backs that I've done looking for new stories has finally paid off. Imagine my surprise! Welcome back.

Indie said...

Thank you both so much for still being readers and giving me a reason to write!!! xxoo

steviewren said...

I'd like some good Indian food...with a dash of Bollywood included please.u

RME said...

K, I can't wait to explore those places, hopefully with you, soon... Sounds yummy. And we won't have to worry about weather when we come! Keep those two places in mind then, you hear?

Melanie said...

I second the "yeah you're back" comment, as I have been periodically checking in. I stopped by NOTA once and looked over the menu, but they didn't have samosas on it at the time, and it seemed way too overpriced for the rest. I haven't tried Pak yet, because I generally do not like buffets, but will have to do so now as I LOVE BOLLYWOOD! :-)

Indie said...

In a perfect world we would dance around the buffet with our plates. :)