Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rides & Residences

(Image courtesy of Pioneer Valley Local)
Thirty years pass, water under the bridge, then the wonders of social networking allow for this exchange, each colorful term a tiny door that could be opened to reveal a wondrous vista.

She writes: "Did you know several of my stories lately have begun with, 'I once dated a hot-air balloon pilot...' I always have to stop there and let people comment on that notable fact before I can launch into the real story, whatever it is: my aversion to spitting over the side of an airborne vessel, how good Constant Comment tastes early in the morning, or how to pronounce Tulomne."

And he replies: "
On occasions, I still tell the story of dating a woman who, in total earnest, looked me right in the eyes and stated: 'I can't believe that you own a perfectly good 1964 Volkswagon microbus, and you don't even live in it!'"


steviewren said...

Love the last comment!

childcare said...

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Indie said...

What niche?