Friday, December 11, 2009

The Night Campus

Teaching an evening class this semester, I have seen another side of the campus. From the pretty arched and paned window of the English Department office, I have seen amazing sunsets:
And walking out onto the darkened sidewalks after class, I've encountered the denizens of the night, the fat and brazen raccoons:
And I've discovered that creaky old Founders Hall, oldest building on campus, is not the least bit spooky after hours-- not a ghost in sight.

Instead, that pinnacle of the campus boasts incredible views -- of treetops, the distant sparkle of Arcata city lights and the sky reflected in the faraway bay.


Anonymous said...

When you praise the view from Founders Hall, you are paying respect to the people who decided to build it there nearly 100 years ago. The sunsets you and I have enjoyed from that point of vantage are nearly eternal in origin, yet they are breathtakingly new each second we see them. And think! Not only are we bridging the generations when we are graced with that awesome view, we are seeing the original Light Show - and in High Definition, to boot!

steviewren said...

Very pretty views. Funny about the raccoons. I thought you were going to say rats or worse.

Indie said...

I HAVE seen rats, but that was in broad daylight!

About the raccoons, there was this one night I stepped out and inexplicably all the lights on campus were out and everything was absolutely pitch black. Making my way to my distant car, I had to edge past a big fat raccoon that was blocking the path. I carry a flashlight now..

Indie said...

Anonymous, once when I was waiting in the health center, I read a book about the history of HSU. Founders was the first building. There was a time when all the students were women (during the war). HSU was a teacher college. And also I remember something about buildings being painted green to make them blend in to protect them from air raids. (Not sure about that last...)