Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Eyes

I had to find yarn this color.
I drove my older son home to SoHum this afternoon, and my younger one is at a friend's in Eureka, so suddenly it's very quiet in this house.

My older son will be graduating high school in a couple of months, so I've been thinking about what a financially strapped mother can give him to commemorate this accomplishment.

I've decided I will make him a cookbook of all the recipes of mine that are his favorite foods-- snickerdoodles, macaroni and cheese, shrimp-potato soup, meatloaf, etc. And I am going to crochet an afghan to keep him warm.

During his visit, I asked him what his favorite color is.


"What kind of blue?"

"I don't know. Like my eyes?"

So when I got back to McKinleyville this evening, I stopped in the little yarn shop on Bella Vista Hill to search for yarn the color of my son's eyes.

I found it, and it's the softest lambswool.

So here I go again, crocheting a big project, weaving love, warmth and support into a blanket for my child, now a man.


Anonymous said...

K, you're so cute! What a neat idea, although you never responded to my question on here in one of your blogs, about your family knowing about you blogging here??? And if, then your son will know what you're doing *hint hint hint* Anyway, I wish you'd live next door, or me being your next door neighbor! *sigh* Tell me about the cookbook! Are you planning on doing it like Misty and me? There's software available online, you can add text and photos, they print it, you make the gift. Ask me about it, I'll send you the link. Huggles, R.

steviewren said...

I love that you are giving a piece of yourself to your son...mother's have lots of practice doing that, don't we? Both gifts will be much appreciated I'm sure.

Indie said...

R, nope, no one in my family ever reads my blog. I could divulge all their birthday presents here and the secrets would still be safe - LOL!

About the cookbook, it is an idea still brewing. Doing it with software sounds nice. I was envisioning a lower-tech version, but I haven't thought about format much yet.

Steviewren, yes indeed. I wonder if they ever know how much of yourself you've given them? Not until they become parents themselves, I guess.