Friday, February 6, 2009


Me in high school (that button says, "Fuck off and die.")
Something Delightful
The theme of the last couple of days has been nostalgia. I found some old friends from high school on Facebook, and we've been exchanging emails. I just don't know why I let people slip out of my life the way I do. Now I have to gather them all up again.
My great-grandparents: could they get any cuter?
Something Surprising
Tonight, I was looking through some really old photos to make a scrapbook page, pics of parents as babies, my grandparents as newlyweds, etc. I turned over a photo of my great-grandparents to see if there was a date written on the back. Instead I found a line in Swedish written by my great-grandmother. It didn't say anything significant, just "This isn't very good but I'm sending it anyway." The significant part is that I could read it without a dictionary.
The Coen Brothers: I don't trust these guys anymore
(photo from

Something Inane
I'm watching Burn After Reading, and I hate it (but I have to finish it anyway). The Coen brothers used to be so cool. Their O Brother Where Art Thou? is one of my all-time favorites. Miller's Crossing is great, and The Big Lebowski is hilarious. But I've been disappointed with everything else.
The stove I really want to cook on
(photo from
Something New
I made Cornish game hens for dinner, a first for me. I found a recipe online, "Cornish Game Hens with Garlic and Rosemary." The other magical ingredients are white wine and lemon. This was delicious! Putting the lemon and rosemary inside the hens to cook made the flavors seep into the meat. And the garlic roasts alongside the hens until it's tender and savory. My son was delighted that he had a whole little bird all to himself.


Anonymous said...

I for sure understand WHY you want to cook on this pink grandma stove :) It looks as if there's K written allover anyway *lol* You didn't change much from your looks from back then... but your cheeks got thinner and you look sexier, if a female may say so? You make much more out of your type nowadays. Can't wait to meet you one day! Happy Sunday, R.

Indie said...

R, isn't that stove crazy? Actually, my I think even I would get tired of pink in doses that large! Maybe a red stove...

Thanks for the compliment. It's always nice to be told you're sexier at 45 than you were at 18. lol!

I can't wait to meet you either!!!! I hope this darn recession doesn't last long, so I can afford a bit of world travel after the kids move out and move on.

And by the way, thanks for introducing me to Misty; she's a treasure.

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw you, you looked younger than in your high school picture. How do you DO that?

steviewren said...

I love the pink stove. Having one of those would put some fun in cooking for sure.

Old family pictures always inspire me to want to know more about the people in them. So few pictures were taken back then. I wonder what our grandchildren will think about us. They will undoubtedly have inherited tons of pictures from this digital age.

Indie said...

Anonymous, it's genetic and really depends upon you not looking too closely or seeing me in my granny reading glasses. lol!

Steviewren, I was just thinking that it's actually doubtful if any of our digital photography (or writing) will survive for long at all unless we print some of it out.

Technology moves forward relentlessly and systems become outdated, files unreadable.

I think we are making ourselves as vulnerable to obsolescence as our cell phones.

There is nothing like the tactile and the low-tech.

Big City Poz said...

What? Your teenage son was happy with just one game hen? You must have had several side dishes!

Indie said...

Joe, they were fat little hens, and I served them with stuffing and peas. I plan to try that recipe again sometime. I recommend it!

Angry Mother said...

hey - nice to see you again! I love Coen brothers film - Fargo is the best - i thought burn after reading was OK, not more, but i really loved brad pitt's character.


Indie said...

Anonymous and Angry Mother, you are both being mysterious. If I know you in "real life," can you give me more specific hints?

Angry Mother, yes, Fargo! I forgot that one and I do like it. And Brad Pitt's character was amusing, with his bleached hair and gum-chewing. All the more un-amusing what happened to him, though.

mycophile said...

you look so wholesome and innocent then with your contradicting pin!

Anonymous said...

Your high school picture doesn't do you justice. The photographer held the camera at an angle that changes the look of your face. Your actual face is much more nicely made than that. I just thought you'd like to know.