Monday, February 2, 2009

Due Diligence

The one on the left is me
("Diligence and Dissipation" from the Philadelphia Print Shop,

This is going to be a week of getting things done, and I don't mean fun and interesting things like my scrapbook project sitting enticingly there on the table.

I mean paying bills, solving dreadful bureaucratic snags, hauling away ballast, doing the floors and putting my easily distracted nose into my textbooks.

I'm not going on an actual hiatus like Ernie did. Instead, I'm going to relegate blogging activity to the status of Reward for Taking Care of Business.

If you hear from me, it will be because I've been diligent and dutiful, not because I'm escaping or procrastinating.

We will be back in touch soon, I hope, Dear Readers.


Anonymous said...

You have my admiration and support, Indie! Go gettem!

cecilia said...

Hope to see you soon, IE: hope you get stuff done quickly:)

Indie said...

Thank you guys for the kind support.

I just finished with classes and homework and have had quite a productive day.

Of course, there's a whole week to get through...

Kym said...

Good Luck getting everything done.

sohumborn said...

I really admire you! Your drive and determination are amazing.
I'm the one on the right.
You'll get what you need.
I'll get a bad reputation. *wink*

Olive Rue said...

Hi Indie. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for such a heart-warming comment. I never imagined I would meet such nice people when I entered blog land a few months ago. Your words were very much appreciated.

Indie said...

Kym, thanks. It's kind of alarming how much I can get done if I stay away from the computer for awhile.

Sohumborn, yup, it looks like you're having more fun there!

OliveRue, I have thought the same thing about the nice people online.

Your post was very touching and was also a wake-up call to take care of ourselves.