Friday, February 13, 2009

V is for Vodka

If I am to go out on a date ever again, I am going to have to find a man for whom intelligence is aphrodisiac. Does such a man exist?

Meanwhile, Valentine's Day for me this year means a rendezvous with a box of chocolates I am going to buy for myself. And red wine, of course.
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day, celebrating in a way that makes you happy. And for your amusement, here are some dark little Valentines.
From The Directory of Wonderful Things (
While I'm on the subject of twisted love, let me share some lyrics with you from a band called Cracker. I went to high school with the guy who wrote this song. (Listen to it here)

Mr. Wrong

Well, meet me by the river that goes nowhere.
Let me lay my sorry trip on you.
Won't you meet me by the river, little darling'?
I might just let you see my bad tattoo.

Well I was gonna bring you flowers, but I didn't.
It's the thought that counts and I think I'm a bit too broke.
But there's some change in my ashtray--maybe just enough to pay.
For a half pint of somethin', probably make us choke.

Well you know I'd rather not go and meet your family.
They'd probably send me back where I belong.
Don't want to hear about Mr. Right.
'Cause he's out of town tonight.
Baby come and spend some time with Mr. Wrong.

I drive a one-eyed Malibu without a muffler.
And a tape deck that works if you kick it hard enough.
And baby if you like to read, I've got some great pornography.
And a ten pound flashlight rolling in the trunk.


Now, do you have a girlfriend and does she look as good as you?
Would she like to meet my brother?
He'll be out of jail in a month or two.


Where I come from they call me Mr. Wrong.


Starlene said...

My twisted side loves those valentine. ; ) Hope you're getting some sleep after some good chocolate and some wine.

Indie said...

Starlene, they appeal to my twisted side too!

mycophile said...

That song is funny. I won't be doing anything tomorrow but working and studying. :(

Indie said...

I'll be celebrating my hauling a load of junk to the dump.

I know your sweetheart and I know he won't let the day go by without a token of his affection. Maybe you can make him a nice dinner.

Kato said...

All my sides are twisted, and I love your valentine sentiments.

Intelligence as an aphrodisiac: personally, I love brainiacs. A deep thinker with a sharp wit is HOT (and if he's a good listener-- and bald--yow!). I'm sure there is more than one man who could fall in love with your mind, Indie. Maybe he's out there right now, waiting respectfully for you to finish school so he doesn't disturb your academic pursuits...

If it's any consolation, as you lighten your heart by gong to the dump tomorrow, remember that Saint Valentine signed the first "valentine" letter (as in "your Valentine") as a prisoner. His correspondent was the jailor's daughter, who was particularly kind to him. The day was commemorated to highlight not romantic love, but the devotion of friends, even ulikely ones. (Okay, he was jailed for marrying couples at a time when the emporer had forbidden young men to take wives because it eroded their will to enlist and remain in the armed forces; thus the romantic connection.)

Mae West: "He isn't Mr. Right, but he's Mr. Right Now."

Kato said...

"unlikely" ones, that is.

Indie said...

Kato, I am waiting for the day when you have your own blog. You are so articulate and full of interesting notions.

Anonymous said...

K, this Valentine's Day sucks altogether! Hope it's over soon... R.

steviewren said...

It sounds like someone needs to watch the Wedding Singer tonight!

That is the only thing that would cheer my daughter up whenever she was in the "I don't have/never will have a boyfriend dumps.

Love the Aim to Please Valentine. I've got a big grin on my face. Where was that 10 years ago when I had someone I would have loved aiming it at! know what Day!

Indie said...

R, oh no not you too! I hope things improve over there. Hugs from across the sea.

Steviewren, since I was planning to spend the evening crocheting and watching movies, I'll grab the Wedding Singer from the video store for tonight. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

I could not stay away!

As you know, I have had so many V-Days like the one you have described. I must confess, I like your post much better than the one I did a year ago!

Wine and Chocolate!

Indie said...

Boy, it's ok, I have a feeling your happiness is too solid to be sullied by my bitter rantings!

Big City Poz said...

Indie, if I were thirty years younger and straight, I'd definitely date you! I hope those chocolates were good.

Cynthia said...

Hi Indie, just over from the lovely postcard site of Marie Isabelle Reed where I enjoyed your color comment. I write in my Oasis blog from Puerto Rico...and I hope you can come over for a little visit. I'm on my way back to your Bitten Apple to listen to your friend's tune. <3

Indie said...

Joe, just my luck! :)

Cynthia, I am happy you were interested enough to come to this site and read my thoughts. I am going to go straight to your blog now and check it out.