Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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I woke up this morning to my alarm, which I had set even though it's my day off, because I wanted to have a productive morning.

But I was momentarily confused when I woke up, thinking it was Thursday and I needed to get to work. Panic!

This is the second Wednesday in a row I've done that. What is wrong with me?

My work this semester is interning in a class called Structure of American English, under my thesis adviser, someone whose opinion of me is very important. I guess I live in fear of blowing it somehow.

Other than that brief moment of panic, it was a very ordinary day. I took care of ordinary things today.

I made an appointment, washed the dishes, took out the trash, put oil in my truck, chatted with my neighbor and did homework.

This evening I did my laundry at the laundromat. While the clothes washed, I did more homework by the interior light of my truck, rain pattering down outside and evening traffic swishing by on Central Avenue.

I chatted with the little old lady who works at the laundromat and wondered what it would be like to do her job, folding other people's laundry all day, cleaning the bathroom, wrestling all the big machines.

I'd do it. I need a job -- one that doesn't involve reading great mounds of essays and worrying 24 hours a day.

For dinner, I had hot wings from the Safeway deli. I chatted with the deli guy who is very cute and friendly.

Underneath all this ordinariness, I have exactly three extraordinary secrets that I will be able to tell eventually. Stay tuned.