Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gnat-like Concentration, Caveman-like Pronunciation

Coming up with enough focused thoughts to write a whole post about a particular topic requires concentration that I just don't seem to have these days. My thoughts are all over the place, my concentration gnat-like.

A few examples:
Hilarious April Fool's issue of the Arcata Eye!! If you haven't seen it, do pick it up. The photos are so funny, as if it was a city-wide conspiracy to amuse us.
How much are plane tickets to Sweden? I want to go there. Would it be better, as one friend suggested, to fly to Germany and then to Sweden? (I know at least one person who will think this is a fabulous plan!)
Image from
Why do Humboldt County organizations have to be so bloody nepotistic?
It's this freakin' cool and I miss it...
I have a non-operational yet classic car located 200 miles away at the house of my ex. What's the best way to get it over here?
Cutest li'l boots west of the Pecos
Why do I feel so great whenever I wear my cowboy boots?
We need to devise a hand signal that instantly conveys this urgent message: "Hang up your effing cellphone, a**hole!" I almost got run over walking across Central to Sutter's Mudd today.
What exactly is a memorandum of understanding, as a genre? What's its purpose? Is it legally binding? Should lawyers write them?
Image by Tricia Ward,
What should I wear to the grand opening of the Arcata Theater tomorrow night?

What's the best way to dry a tent that's been left out in the rain?
Mojitos don't really taste that great. And there is always the danger you will get bits of fresh mint between your teeth in a public place.

If you go to Six Rivers Brewery, I strongly suggest you order the Bar Fries, but it's a lot of food, so share with at least two friends.

WTF is going on with the DSL internet in Mack Town? Mine has been down since Monday night.
If I can't live in Sweden, I want to live in Lindstrom, Minn., where the water towers look like this
The film I ordered from inter-library loan through HSU library is here! The Emigrants (Utvandrarna) is the film version of a book I have been reading. It makes me feel as if I am reading the history of my own family. I am so excited to watch this film tonight!

How can it be time to pay the rent again already???
Mine aren't quite as cute as these.
The best way for me to learn anything that has to be memorized is to use flash-cards. Currently, I carry with me at all times flash cards containing Swedish phrases like, "Would you like to come to my house for lunch?" "Where is the ladies' room?" and "I'm sorry. I don't understand." I figure I'll need that last one a lot.
Image from
I spell quite well in English, but in Swedish I spell like an ape, my syntax is caveman-like, and my pronunciation is like a bad robot.
Would any of my Swedish friends care to explain a little about the wonderful, intriguing concept of lagom? Though it has no exact English translation, the word means, roughly, moderation, and it's a key concept in understanding Swedish culture (apparently).
Without this invention, we might not be able to make these milk carton presidents!
While I am extolling Swedish virtues, may I mention, as my young Swedish friend informed me, that a Swede invented the milk carton?


\ said...

luv those boots.. id like to get a pair of yellow cowboy boots with that paisley design thats on yr rainboots on em.

Anonymous said...

Hi K, I don't know WHO you think would suggest you'd fly to Germany FIRST? Hm, who might this friend just be??? ;-P You're d*** right!
Well, apparently it's spring, because my mind is everywhere, too, just NOT focused, so I don't mind your overview of impressions of your day *lol* Like you I was happy March is over, just to find out that the end of money has an awful lot of April days in my calendar as well *sigh* :( The boots we discussed already, although here you should put on your flip-flops and nailpolish today! That car: beam it home... ;-/ Gnats: I hate them, that's what came out into the open today... billions of bugs (not bucks unfortunately). Plus P. found out disturbing news today, so did our friend M.! Read her status? So you hang in there, we're all quite distracted, and I stumbled over a handful unknown words in your blog... Hugs, my dear, R.

Indie said...

Suzy, that sound pretty cute.

R, I will go look at M's status. I hope she's ok. I have a thing or two to tell you, too. I'll write soon.

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful poster of Uncle Sam berating the cell phone user. We could print up dozens of them and post them illegally on utility poles the way that Rap-Hop band has been doing all over the formerly beautiful City of Eureka. At least our posters would be attractively festooned in the patriotic Red, White, and Blue.

Maybe the Uncle Sam poster would persuade some of the moronic idiots who talk on their cell phones while driving to put their flipping cell phones down.

Indie said...

Anonymous, whew, don't get me started about Eureka!

Iin my opinion, the city of Eureka has not been beautiful since cheap 1970s-style buildings began to go up alongside the Craftsmen, Vics and '50s bungalows.

Whatever concert posters are on the telephone poles are not even comparable to the petroleum-sludge soil on the waterfront, the pollution spewing into the air on the coastal horizon, and the sleazy-motel strip all the way through town.

And this assessment does not even include the olfactory dimension, pervasive meth-related social ills or, most offensive of all, the municipal corruption.

Friends are only thing I miss about that place.

But I totally agree with you about the cellphones.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have more respect for your Eureka friends than you do for the City they have chosen to live in.

Indie said...

Absolutely! Our friends are the only things about Eureka that I miss. And I do miss them very much! For their sake, I hope that some of the things that plague that city will get resolved.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, lots of different questions. I can only try to answer why the concept of lagom is important in order to understand Swedish culture: because in Sweden we ARE lagom! Everything is supposed to be done in moderation (even if drinking at Midsummer's eve is not done lagom at all ;-)), and don't show off. Have you heard of the Jante law? Actually Norwegian but applies also to Swedes:
How did you like the film? I saw it on a very uncomfortable chair in the school attic as a 15 year old... I thought it was sooo boring and unfortunately haven't attempted to watch it again (and I am ashamed to admit that I haven't read the book either!) :-(
Have you found any more modern Swedish films on Amazon?

Indie said...

Petchie, thank you for the Lagom explanation. Americans are such over-consumers, and I really hate that. When I encountered this concept, I felt so happy to be Swedish-American!

I haven't picked up the film from the library yet; it's still waiting for me. I love the book though.

How interesting that you had to watch it in school! I guess it's an important part of Swedish history that so many people emigrated to the U.S. in the late 19th-early 20th centuries. Now that I realize the extent of it, I have really been looking around me and realizing how many people of Swedish extraction I see.

As for reading the book, the big group of emigrants and all their worldly possessions are on wagons heading to some hamn to catch their ship.

The drama so far has been about what made them want to leave. For me that is the most interesting part and what I have always been so curious about. My grandparents too were children of torparer (?) and small farm holders, although my family was in Svenljunga.