Saturday, May 2, 2009

Arts Alive

Apparently, I will do just about anything to get out of working on my seminar paper (which is due in just 11 days) -- even venture out all alone on a rainy night to Arts Alive in Eureka.

I was fortunate enough to meet the famous Kristabel at a gallery downtown. Even though we had just met, we fell into each other's arms like old friends.
After that, I went meandering around town under my red umbrella. It was marvelously cool out, but a little stuffy inside the stores, so I kept moving.

Here are a few of the sights I saw:
These two geese inexplicably reside in Old Town Eureka.
They'll kick your ass if you come too close.

I did a little window shopping. Evening gowns in pink silk; a girl can dream, I mean, in case I get invited to the Academy Awards or something.
This bagpipe player added a certain moodiness to the rain-wet evening.
Eureka Books: I noticed again how beautiful the facades are on these buildings in Old Town.
Seen from the vantage point of the fountain, crowds of young teenagers congregate.
Is it a wharf? Is it a boardwalk? Is it a pier? What is it?
This place is going for the boardwalk theme, with this cool new fortune-telling machine, like in the movie Big
The water in the Bay was as still as glass.

I like the juxtaposed signage here, the lingerie and sex toy shop sign with the old sign is still just under it.

Some other interesting things I experienced:
  • Licorice ice cream, mmmmm.
  • A young woman standing outside the closed Restoration Hardware store, unsuccessfully hawking her paintings for a dollar.
  • An amazing presentation inside Los Bagels about artists who have gone blind, how they've coped, how they've continued to be creative.
  • A really bad singer with an accordion.
  • A rocking band inside the shoe store, not getting any attention because the feng shui of the venue was so bad.
  • The chocolate shop, too crowded for me to buy a truffle, darn it.
  • The high energy that rolls off middle-schoolers like waves of electricity, wow!
  • The unused doorway of the travel store, where I once found a small wad of cash years ago.
  • A new yarn shop as cozy as a cottage, with two ladies peacefully spinning yarn and a nice old man asking if he can offer you a glass of wine.
When the sun went down, I went to the Co-op for delicious, exotic groceries including a Meyer's lemon that I intend to do something delicious with tomorrow. Exotic grocery of the day: "So Delicious" coconut milk yogurt.


Jennifer Savage said...

What a fun report! Arts Alive is always such a blast. (Quick aside: that's actually Eureka Books, not Booklegger. Booklegger is the one on the corner of Two and E, across from Los Bagels.)

Anonymous said...

Thank for the sightseeing K! R.

Anonymous said...


Indie said...

R, you're welcome! I was actually doing it for the benefit of faraway friends. I'm so glad you read it.

Jennifer, thanks for reading my report! And thanks correcting that name. I'll fix it now

Anonymous said...

Aw, you done good. you made this confirmed country girl wish she lived in town and could stroll about the streets on Arts Alive!

Indie said...

And this girl would have liked the company! There's always next month. Or next week in Arcata.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how blessed you are! With all the trolls going around in cyberspace insulting people, for some reason, they all give you a wide berth. Lucky Indie!

Indie said...

Lucky me!! I agree. If I had mean people talking to me on here, I would probably just lose heart and discontinue blogging. Instead, I have sweet, encouraging, kind people who just let me be who I am. Thank you :-)

Joe Cornish said...

So how did we miss each other? From the looks of your photos, we were out and about at the same time but evidently just at different paces or places. Ruby was home because of the rain.

I like the photo of you with the red umbrella!

Indie said...

I was pretty low-key except for the red umbrella! I should have been keeping an eye out for you. Next time I will.

Kristabel said...

It was so nice to meet you, and you are totally rocking the red umbrella.

Arts Alive is so much fun. I often wish I could take a little bit of time to meander around instead of working.

Can't wait to hear what you did with the lemons!


cecilia said...

What a nice day. I think the beautiful pink gown would do well for a night in infront of the TV watching the Oscar's too, or, that would have been my excuse for buying it, hihi.

take care

Indie said...

Oh if only a prom were in my near future...

Kato said...

That report makes old town look like such a romantic place! What a great scene; thanks for the eye-candy from another country mouse.

That gown looks a lot like my actual prom dress did. Eek.

Indie said...

Woot-woo! I love that dress, Kato!