Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baby Daddy

This cute little boy is my venerable and dignified father. And that bespectacled cowboy is his great-granddad, my great-great-grandfather, George Madden. These are the oil fields near Corsicana, Texas. And that, my friends, is a 1929 Pontiac Roadster. How adorable is this?


cecilia said...

wow - what a gem!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is a statement we have all heard. Honor thy Mom and Dad. By cherishing their memory through the medium of photography, we do honor them.

You have given your thoughtful readers an example of how we all can honor our parents. And their parents. By preserving those old photographs, whether they are in albums or shoe boxes. By keeping them safe from moisture, bugs, teething puppy dogs, and exposure to direct sunlight. By taking the time and energy to really see them. By sharing them with our own relatives and with others. Maybe by contacting the Historical Society where they lived to see if our pictures of our ancestors might be welcomed in their collection of historical images.

Thank you.

P.S. Cecilia was right about the picture you shared with us. What a gem!