Thursday, March 5, 2009

Let It Rain

It's hard to be brought low by grey skies and drizzly days, when there are these boots in the closet.

I wear them to work in the yard. I stomp out to the compost pile, nevermind the puddles. I wear them in the garden. I wear them to church. I wear them to school, just because.

Best $20 I've spent in quite some time.


Kristen said...

Sometimes, you just gotta go with the Bliss of it :)

Sending lots of love!

Kym said...

I love 'em. Yellow grabs the corners of my mouth and suddenly I'm smiling.

Kristabel said...

Those are the cutest boots ever! I'd wear them everywhere too. I have some hot pink ones that I call my super hero boots, but looking at yours makes me want to tart them up a bit.

I hope everything else in your life starts turning that joy-filled color soon, Indie. xo

Indie said...

Thanks! I knew you three fellow K's would understand the significance of cheerful boots. And YES, there is something especially cheerful about yellow-- the color of sunshine in first-grader paintings, baby ducks and daffodils.

Anonymous said...

*lol* Hi K, yes, that's typically you... I bet they look lovely on you. Guess what? I never owned rubber boots in my whole life (don't they make your feet smelly?), and... I never had a backyard to work in, maybe that's the reason why? But I agree, yellow is the right color to cheer you up and bring you in good spirits. Once our appartment burned out, the fire started in the kitchen and guess which color we painted the kitchen afterwards??? You guessed it right, probably: YELLOW! And until today I still tend to yellow for kitchens. Gotta take some pics of my yellow lamps for you soon. :) Hugs, R.

Kato said...

With the right shoes, you are prepared for (or can at least run away from) anything. Those boots look pretty super-heroic to me! Do they come in pink?

-Yet another "K"

Indie said...

Kato, as a matter of fact, they do come in pink!

R, yellow is a cheerful color. I always avoided it in paint because many guys hate yellow walls. (why?) But I like it!

Kato said...

Pink's easy to stereotype, but yellow has so many different connotations, depending on whether you're talking about sunflowers or snow, bananas or teeth.

Yellow is supposed to stimulate intellectual energy and Waldorf classrooms often use a soft, golden yellow on the walls of upper grades for that intent. However, the book "The Yellow Wallpaper" is named for the sickly, mold-yellow walls that imprison a Victorian era woman whose unfaithful husband has forced her confinement and descent into madness...

Yellow is a cautionary color, too: the warning to slow down (or floor it out of danger's way). I hardly ever see shoes in yellow, but for raingear, it seems perfectly appropriate ("CAUTION: I may jump in puddles!"). Hope you get enough rain to enjoy them, Indie (and thanks for the link-- I'm going to make my old black boots wear out faster so I can justify a new pair)!