Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Things

I went to the Student Health Center yesterday to get something for stress and to finally get the paperwork to register with the disability services on campus.

I have been struggling for ages with the necessity of getting disability services for my MS, reluctant to admit I'm not as strong and capable as any 18-year-old on that campus. Climbing the campus to Founders Hall every day finally got the best of me.

I haven't actually signed up yet, but when/if I do, I can get a ride to Founders in a little bus.
Founders Hall. These are about a sixth of the stairs necessary to climb.

New School Schedule

I should mention, as an aside, that I dropped two of my classes in order to have time to search for work in a serious and focused way. Now I only have one class, Teaching ESL Composition, two days a week.

I miss my teaching internship in Language Analysis a lot, but I am frankly relieved not to have to attend the American Lit class anymore because of a tiresome couple of preachy, politically-correct undergrads. But that's another story...

I will still finish at the end of the Fall semester, as planned, but I will have to take an American Lit class while I am writing my thesis.

New Health Concerns
At the health center, they measured my blood pressure as usual and found, for the very first time in my life, hypertension. 116/90. That's worrisome.

In spite of my sedentary habits, indulgent eating and voluptuous figure, I am used to receiving unearned praise when I go in for check-ups: compliments on my nice, low blood pressure.

Now, life has to change. Most importantly, I need some exercise, something more than trooping miserably around the campus.

Can worry and heartache can cause hypertension? I do have a lot on my mind. Soon, I will tell you about it.

A New Goal
On a more hopeful note, I found a job announcement for a great job I intend to apply for. There is a huge application process, beginning with a curriculum vitae, recommendation letters, transcripts, and a letter of intent.

My hopes are up; I can't help it. So wish me luck.

Once I dropped classes and grad school dropped in priority, I had a realization. I know it sounds ridiculously obvious, but a good job is the answer to all my problems. Of course, it means I won't be able to teach next semester at HSU. *sigh*

New Appreciation for You
I should mention that as of March 1, we joined the ranks of America's uninsured. My son's eye problems are still ongoing.

I just came from reading the most inane discussion over at the Eureka Standard where one of his readers is saying that people who object to the American insurance industry and the state of health care in the US are "slackers."

Blood pressure and all, middle-aged mom and all, peace-loving intellectual and all, I would gladly punch this guy in the face.

How I would love to be a slacker just for a day!

And thank you, to all my readers, for being sensitive, intelligent, kind-hearted people.


Kym said...

C'mon, it's obvious you're one of those slackers who climbs on the backs of those hard working joes and enjoys the ride--what's a little work, school and motherhood.

I got so flushed reading the comment there I think I popped a blood vessel!

Indie said...

I blame my new high blood pressure on that anonymous jackass

Ernie Branscomb said...

Hang in there! Obama is going to solve everything!

Indie said...

Thanks, Ernie.

Well, at least Obama may come up with a way to rein in an out-of-control system somewhat.

He sure has his hands full, poor guy.

Kristabel said...

I'll hold him down for you, Indie.


Indie said...

Thank, Kristabel. Nice to know you got my back.


Kato said...

Gee, single momhood, relocation, dealing with son's school AND enrolled yourself, coping with MS... stir in a few other stressful factors you don't share with your blog readers = hypertension? Sounds like you NEED some slack! I hope this job prospect has some damn good perks, girl. I'm pressuring the Obama administration to institute mandatory 18-year-maternity leave.

Indie said...

I know, I sound like an old, tired, sad, broken record. It's as ridiculous as a soap opera.

Thanks for reading about it. I'm going to pull it together eventually.

I just read that pets lower blood pressure, so I've been extra snuggly with my big fuzzy Mr. Paris.

Jack said...

In defense of the guy who made the slacker comment, I think we should keep in mind that he's a total dipshit and doesn't know any better.

Indie said...

Is dipshit a defense in some states? The Famous Dipshit Defense.

Kato said...

That photo of the vertical ascent to Founder's Hall makes it look like a small Mayan temple.

Anonymous said...

Hi K! I just now am reading your newest blog. In advance, I'll have to look up the translation for slacker first... but... to the stairs up to Founders Hall: I couldn't have done it in younger or healthier age, let alone now! About time you managed them taking care and responsibility for your MS girlfriend! Secondly I have these two problems in your life in mind and the additional MS and let me assure you that this CAUSES the high blood pressure (with me it's basically not working out at all ever, and being obese...) and thirdly I can just hope that Obama will change your social and health system into some European form, because no matter how low our income or education is over here, the government will always provide and all others will pay. That's why I left the US back in 1997, because not being an American citizen I couldn't have survived alone with my child. Now I'm back home, the State helped me, and I'm up on my feet again. Depending on a public system (health care, social care, welfare) is one thing, but being able to rely on it and trust in it is another. Germany is practicing this system for almost 60 years now, and it works! And everybody (the newspaper writer guy) who dares writing about other people like that (no matter what slacker means...) should walk in that somebody's shoes first! Pointing fingers is easy... Your dearest foreigner on earth ;-) *mwah* R.

cecilia said...

Hey, of course stress can be the cause, you're going trough a LOT right now. And as for the insurance comment - i'd love to get a punch in too!
I keep my fingers crossed for you on the job-front, and isnce I have just started my New Positive Thinking, I know that you will get this job!!:)

Indie said...

Kato, yes, I never thought of it quite like that.

But I watched "A Very Long Engagement" recently, a French film with Audrey Tautou. She plays a beautiful invalid, and her lover carries her on his back to the top of a lighthouse so she can see the view. As he was laboring up the hundreds of stairs, bearing her weight, I said, "That's me and my back pack and Founders Hall."

Indie said...

Dear R, my dearest foreigner on Earth, I agree with you, in hopes that it really is stress. My mission is to get the great job and try to let go of some of this bloody stress!

How on earth do parents make it through the teen and young adult years? You can no longer prevent them from getting themselves into trouble. You have to live in the incredible messes they make.

The MS, I can't even think about it. You and I both well know what role stress plays in that.

Indie said...

CeCe, THANK YOU for your positive energy! I really appreciate it.

And that Anonymous guys is gonna get dogpiled by me and all my virtual friends. He'll never know what hit him. LOL!

Seriously, though, I hear Healthy Families is going to benefit from Obama's stimulus package, so I may be able to get my son insured. Meanwhile, we signed up for Walgreen's discounted Rx program and were able to get his meds at a great savings today. I wanted to cry in relief! And you are absolutely right: the solution is the good job.

Thanks again to all of you for well-wishes. A little encouragement goes a long way when you're down.

I'll be back on my feet and encouraging YOU all again soon, I promise.