Thursday, March 19, 2009

She Will Bring the Buds in Spring

Little fuzzy things on a tree at school
My friend Angela came over with her truck this morning, and we hauled stuff away to various destinations.

I hadn't had any sleep the night before, so it was difficult to wake up early and do manual labor. But Angela arrived with coffee and a can-do attitude.

Out with the Old
There is now a storage unit that contains nothing but my soon-to-be ex-husband's stuff, and soon, all that will be left here in this house are our own valued possessions.

On the bright side, my clothes and shoes can stretch out a bit because now the whole closet is mine.

Even better, there is no longer a copy of Ronald Reagan's autobiography taking up valuable bookshelf space next to Albert Einstein's. It was a strange pairing there on the shelf and ... do I even need to articulate the rest of that thought?

How do people dissolve marriages? I understand the legal process of divorce, I know how to break up with a lover, but what is done with the leftover memories that before had been so carefully preserved? The wedding album and the wedding dress, the dried flowers, the ring?

In with the New
Spring cleaning is not about the old but about welcoming in the new, right?

So let me add that there are memories here I am glad I've preserved, because our family has a new member on the way.

I have the tiny cotton outfit my son wore home from the hospital when he first came into the world.

I have his baby pictures, so we can scour the images for family resemblances.

I came across his G.I. Joes today and had a strange and wondrous thought: what if he has a son?

Little boys are the dearest things on earth.


Kato said...

Sounds like you've taken some action! Happy birthday; may you enjoy your weekend celebrating all the new "births" to come in your life.

Kym said...

I'm just going to echo you on your last sentence and add a tiny bit. "little boys are the dearest thing on earth" except, perhaps, little girls.

Indie said...

So am I just going to cry for the next seven months every time I see a tiny sock?

Kato said...

Gramma hormones, perfectly normal. Enjoy it.

steviewren said...

He'll bring so much joy into your life. You'll be a great grandmother!