Monday, March 23, 2009

Lavish Cures

Photo by Aidan Morgan,

If you are ever feeling low, I have recently discovered several wonderful cures.

1. Your son grows up before your eyes into someone you deeply admire.

2. Your heart fills unexpectedly with love for someone who isn't even born yet.

3. You have a birthday and get lavished with attention by friends, family and even acquaintances.

4. You serendipitously discover your dream job.

5. You update your resume and recall all the cool things you know how to do.

6. People you deeply respect praise you lavishly in recommendation letters.

7. You experience the capriciousness of a spring day, with hard hail in the morning and sparkly sunshine in the afternoon.

8. You finally get rid of the boxes of unwanted possessions that have been crowding your house.

9. You find out that a high-blood pressure reading was the result of someone checking you with the wrong size cuff.

10. You get rid of some of your worries so the remaining ones begin to look manageable.

11. You feel the first faint stirrings of attraction like sap moving in trees after a long winter.


Kym said...

Not only is the sap moving but the buds are perking up too. I'm glad joy has found you.

steviewren said...

Wow, send some of that goodness my way please!

Indie said...

Sorry for the endless spring metaphors but they just keep presenting themselves to me.

Hope, hope, hope is the key.

Thanks for going through the depths with me.

Ernie Branscomb said...

I told you so! Now aren't you glad you waited. All it ever takes is time. The good news Indie, is it will get better yet. When you are so happy you can't stand it, I want you to pass it on.

Indie said...

Ernie, you are my mentor on taking the long view of things. And I will do my best to pass it on.

Kato said...

That list sounds more like the consequenses of being on the right path...

Indie said...

Gosh, I hope so, Kato! I really do. thanks for intelligent encouragement.

Kristabel said...

This is such a sweet, uplifting post.

I'm so glad things are lightening for you.