Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wardrobe Woes

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I have been wearing jeans every day for four years, or so it seems. My closet, though bursting at the seams, contains nothing to wear to a job interview.

What do you wear to a job interview anyway? A dress? A blazer? Heels? Comfortable shoes?

I have been all over town, engaging in my least favorite activity: trying on clothes in dressing rooms. I've walked out empty-handed again and again. Seriously, I have done this on four separate shopping trips, even though I had money in my hand, earmarked for just this occasion.

Ugh, this is as hard as the resume cover letter, possibly harder.

I dream of a closet like a successful businessman has, appropriate shirts lined up on the hangers, neatly pressed, an array of similar pants, ties, jackets. They all fit, look good and are prete a porter. All he has to worry about is not mixing his patterns or clashing his colors.

Is there a feminine equivalent of his closet?
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Anonymous said...

yeah K, mine sorta. well until it crashed down (the hanging bar) two weeks ago and Peter has just fixed that yesterday... so now I gotta put it all back in order neatly, what was neatly ironed and color sorted... well, not as neatly as your photo, but almost. for your interview I would suggest something business woman like, like a skirt with a blazer, flat shoes, unless you want to implement another picture of you. but this outfit says I'm reliable and efficient. I just have a problem finding stores who sell big sizes, and I hate dressing rooms, too. you start sweating, the sales clerk tells you that it all looks lovely on you, eventhough you know it sucks! so I order my stuff out of catalogues, but I also have exactly TWO stores downtown who sell my size AND are affordable. so good luck on the clothes hunt and choice! you can do it!!! R. (photo to be followed) and... facebook can't be forgiven!

Kym said...

Two words--silk blazer. Then it depends on the type of job. Some you can get away with jeans and a nice shirt, some have to have slacks and--horror(!)--some have to have dresses. A silk blazer makes every outfit look a bit more professional. (PS Thrift stores are often good cheap places to pick these up. Try the Discovery in Henderson Center.)

Indie said...

Thanks, guys. After I posted that I went one an online search.

Word: wear a skirted suit. I'm going back to Ross, which sometimes coughs up just such a thing.